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Christian Fuchs and Raluca Gold-Fuchs

Fuchs, who co-founded the Foxes Foundation while helping Leicester City FC win the English Premier League championship in 2015-16, operates Hudson Sports Complex, No Fuchs Given fashion line and Fox Academy esports in his off-field activities.

He shares in the fascination of millions around the globe who have witnessed Leicester’s Cinderella tale and has taken interest.

Early Life and Education

Christian Fox Soccer Academy and NoFuchsGiven Fashion attract approximately 1,000 people per week at their sports complex, which also houses NoFuchsGiven Fashion and NoFuchsGiven Fashion. There, youth soccer and baseball training seminars, field rentals and field rentals take place. Furthermore, they plan to install a domed soccer field which would attract elite American junior players while teaching international pros as well as host adult semi-pro soccer games for adults.

Gold-Fuchs, 41, is a Romanian immigrant with a bachelor of business communications and management from New York University. She previously held positions as senior analyst with investment firm Goldman Sachs and consumer analyst with Caisse de Depot et Placement du Quebec before founding event planning powerhouse RA Entertainment in New York City.

Fuchs lives with his stepson and son in Manhattan; he also plays for Leicester City, an English club which recently made history by winning an unlikely Premier League championship this year, while visiting his family here at least monthly.

Professional Career

Fuchs’ success both on and off the pitch is mirrored by his commitment to social responsibility, making him both an impressive footballer and beloved figure outside Austria’s borders.

Fuchs’ success extends well beyond his soccer career; he is involved in multiple businesses and charitable activities as well. He owns Hudson Sports Complex in Warwick, New York as well as running Fox Soccer Academy esports team; furthermore he and Raluca Gold-Fuchs run an event company named RA Entertainment located in Manhattan.

Many Premier League players spend their millions on flashy cars, luxurious homes and exotic vacations – but Leicester defender Christian Fuchs and his wife Raluca took one step further by purchasing and renovating Mid-Orange Correctional Facility in Warwick, NY to turn it into a state-of-the-art sports training facility.

Achievement and Honors

Fuchs was part of Leicester City’s Premier League title-winning squad in 2015-2016 and has also represented Austria since 2006.

Fuchs and his wife Raluca Gold-Fuchs — who runs a PR firm and soccer academy in Manhattan — purchased a townhouse near West Side Highway with plans to turn it into an elite sports training facility for young athletes who participate in soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, baseball and football.

The couple plans to install a domed 32-by-74-yard outdoor soccer field at the former prison complex, which they have named Hudson Sports Complex after an English Premier League club’s fox mascot. Furthermore, they intend to host adult soccer games as well as teach elite American junior players using the curriculum used by teams like this in England.

Personal Life

Fuchs stands out among top-tier footballers by being more frugal with his money, known for having strong social responsibility and living a frugal life.

He and Raluca Gold-Fuchs, a former Goldman Sachs executive who runs her own New York events business, spend the soccer offseason living in Manhattan where they own a townhouse; additionally they operate Hudson Sports Complex in Warwick as well as Fox Academy eSports Team.

They are currently working to transform an outdoor field at Mid-Orange Correctional Facility into an elite American junior soccer academy that will also act as training ground for international players from England and elsewhere. Additionally, this facility will host adult soccer matches and provide additional indoor/outdoor artificial turf fields.

Net Worth

Top-level soccer players typically have plenty of money to spend on cars, houses, and luxury holidays; but few would consider purchasing an abandoned prison in Warwick, New York as Leicester City defender Christian Fuchs has plans for Mid-Orange Correctional Facility formerly located there.

Raluca Gold-Fuchs, who worked at investment firm Goldman Sachs before marrying Austrian star Arnold Scheer in Romanian birth, plans to transform Hudson Sports Complex. Additionally, they operate a public relations firm as well as Fox Soccer Academy which currently operates across three countries.

Fuchs’ wife has two children – a son and daughter. The family lives in a 2,900-square-foot townhouse in Manhattan that Fuchs is able to visit during his visits from Leicester; plans are for him to make this move permanent when his football career concludes.

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