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A Closer Look at Richard Cloobeck

Cloobeck, who made headlines for his lavish gifts during CBS’s Undercover Boss series, is known for lavishly showering friends and family with extravagant presents – most recently with the birth of his son Jacob this February.

Model who dated him last year boasts over 1.8 million Instagram followers and has become popular on OnlyFans social media platform. She recently filed suit against him alleging sexual abuse during their first encounter.

Early Life and Education

Cloobeck is an accomplished real estate entrepreneur, vacation ownership guru, and major contributor to the Democratic Party. He founded Las Vegas-based Diamond Resorts as well as its subsidiary companies.

Cloobeck, known for his purpose-driven philanthropy and support of social justice initiatives, is a regular guest on CBS’ hit show Undercover Boss.

Jacob Harrison Cloobeck recently joined his parents, brothers, and aunts as they celebrated a bris ceremony together – from parents, siblings, aunts, mohel, friends and family all in North Las Vegas for his arrival! An expert mohel flew in from California for this time-honored Jewish ritual; friends and family all joined them at North Las Vegas home.

Professional Career

Cloobeck is well known for his innovative business strategies and customer satisfaction focus, having made numerous significant investments in both hospitality and real estate industries.

He has also taken part in various philanthropic efforts, providing financial support for various causes and campaigns. Furthermore, he remains an enthusiastic proponent of the Democratic Party.

Cloobeck stands out when compared to other CEOs featured on Undercover Bosses due to his remarkable generosity. Most show stars typically explain minor adjustments they have implemented at their companies, such as encouraging Subway employees to pitch new sandwich ideas or rewarding workers for improved performance at Checkers and Rally’s restaurants. Conversely, Cloobeck has given millions to charity and helped countless people. Furthermore, he serves on multiple private corporate boards as a mentor as well.

Achievement and Honors

Real estate developer, vacation ownership entrepreneur, and resort operator Cloobeck has made his mark across various industries. He founded Diamond Resorts International before selling it to Apollo Global Management for US$250 Million in 2016. Additionally, he appeared as a participant on Undercover Boss US.

Cloobeck has long been an enthusiastic supporter of Brandeis University and is dedicated to purpose-driven philanthropy. He has contributed generously to programs that seek to transform lives and enhance communities, including Los Angeles Dream Center. Furthermore, he donated funds for homeless families while keeping families together through funds designed to alleviate homelessness or poverty and keep their children together – even earning him recognition at Class of 1969 50th Reunion, Sachar Legacy Society membership through will gifts in his name, etc.

Personal Life

Cloobeck is an active Democratic donor. According to Vanity Fair, he has spent time playing golf with President Obama and sleeping over with Joe Biden; additionally he regularly connects by phone with Nancy Pelosi and regularly chats on her behalf by phone.

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle hosts her flagship program Morning Joe daily where mogul David Petraeus regularly criticises Democratic attacks against millionaires and billionaires like himself, such as himself. Recently he took aim at Democrats for attacking millions and billionaires like himself on her show.

Diamond Resorts International was established by him and, under his former CEOship, was overseen by more than 1.4 million vacation owners, members, and guests. Based out of North Las Vegas in Nevada, he is father to one son named Jacob Harrison Cloobeck; recently celebrated his bris, an important Jewish ritual of circumcision by expert mohel Dr. Fred Kogen from California who traveled over for this special event.

Net Worth

Stephen Cloobeck was born in the US and is best known as being the founder and chairman of timeshare company Diamond Resorts as well as being a substantial donor to the Democratic party. A self-made businessman, Stephen has over three decades of experience with vacation ownership, construction management, development marketing and vacation ownership services.

Cloobeck took ownership of Sunterra Corporation and converted it into Diamond Resorts International in April 2007, as well as serving as chairman of its Board. He also serves on the US Corporation for Travel Promotion’s board.

Cloobeck has twice been featured on the hit television series Undercover Boss and received praise for his generous treatment of employees; even paying for one employee’s daughter’s college education! As an advocate of radical customer service and accepting that “yes means yes”, Cloobeck stands as an exemplar.

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