Roanne Adams

Roanne Adams

Roanne Adams has built her career on her exquisite sense of style and ability to identify the most effective visual ways of representing her clients’ brands’ personalities, earning the trust and admiration of both clients and colleagues alike.

RoAndCo, led by her creative director RoAnna Al-Quddus is an award-winning branding studio, boasting clients like Nike and Refinery29 as clients. Additionally, Romance Journal, her passion project dedicated to exploring truth and expanding consciousness from female perspectives was recently introduced as well.

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Professional Career

Roanne Adams first made headlines for her ability to successfully establish and grow brands through RoAndCo Studio since 2006. Since 2006, they have provided assistance for hundreds of startups from fashion to beauty, tech and lifestyle categories; helping them launch from scratch.

At her core is an exceptional aesthetic, one which allows her to capture brand personalities succinctly while building trust among clients and collaborators alike. She has earned several accolades such as PRINT magazine’s “New Visual Artist (20 under 30)”, as well as being part of The Art Directors Club Young Guns 9.

Adams devotes both her time and professional effort to non-profit initiatives such as Women’s March, Together We Rise, Overstand and is recognized by UN Champion Of Change as an advocate for equal pay in design and advertising industry. She launched Romance Journal as her passion project aimed at exploring truth while raising consciousness through female perspectives in 2017.

Achievement and Honors

Roanne Adams has collaborated with various fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. Additionally, she has launched several of her own projects such as Romance Journal which explores truth through female perspectives.

Roanne is known for her impeccable taste and ability to quickly understand a brand’s essence visually, earning the trust and respect of both clients and collaborators alike. Additionally, as business owner she fosters an inclusive working culture among her team which features several women leaders she has helped advance in their own leadership journeys.

She is widely respected for her involvement with non-profit initiatives, including Women’s March and Together We Rise. In 2017, UN Women recognized her efforts by awarding her with their Champion of Change title for championing equal pay in Design and Advertising industry.

Personal Life

Roanne Adams, Chief Executive Officer at RoAndCo Studio is an intelligent pragmatist who doesn’t take her work for granted. A meticulous organizer who nurtures an inclusive creative crew of 13 (many female), Roanne is committed to teamwork as one key element to her success.

Roanne Adams’ most impressive achievement may be her ability to masterfully balance both her professional and personal lives simultaneously, managing a flourishing business while remaining an indispensable member of her own household. She’s an empathetic wife, mother and daughter; highly entertaining human being; design aficionado with an eye for detail – you won’t find anyone more genuine, dedicated or talented than Roanne Adams. Through sheer hard work alone she has created one of New York City’s premier workplaces!

Net Worth

Roanne Adams founded RoAndCo Design Studio. Her firm quickly gained notoriety within the design community for its pioneering approach to creating successful, scalable brands from scratch.

Lula magazine, Loeffler Randall and Nike are among her clients; her designs have won her numerous awards such as PRINT magazine’s 20 under 30 award and T Magazine’s award for up-and-coming design professionals in New York City. Living in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter, she strives to meet clients and collaborators’ visions through creative projects with an outgoing approach known for capturing brand personality while being an inspirational figure for many young designers following in her footsteps.

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