Rob Fuentes

Rob Fuentes and Daisy Fuentes

Fuentes was elected as Trustee Area 5’s representative to the State Center Community College District Governing Board in 2022.

He is a first-generation college graduate who returned home after graduation to serve the communities that nurtured him. He is committed to expanding dual enrollment and investing in career technical education programs.

Early Life and Education

Fuentes worked as a sandblaster and painter at a Corpus Christi refinery, had strong family ties in his community and lived there all his life – although he also had some form of criminal history.

He reportedly donned a bulletproof vest and carried a pistol into Molly’s Irish Sports Pub, killing Kristal Pena while seriously wounding Ana Pena’s mother, Ana.

Fuentes embraces white supremacist beliefs while maintaining that he is not a white nationalist and uses terms such as “American values” to obscure them. This tactic allows him to attract mainstream conservative supporters for his America First movement – which views changes in society as attempts by the left to destroy true American culture.

Professional Career

Fuentes is a civil rights attorney and serves as a law professor at San Joaquin College of Law. He has represented individuals in cases relating to employment, education and immigration matters.

Fuentes was elected to Fresno Unified’s Board of Trustees representing Trustee Area 5 in 2022, becoming an advocate for improved educational equity and college and career readiness.

Fuentes is also committed to investing in vocational careers and expanding dual enrollment programs so students have every chance of succeeding. He attended Granite Hills High School in Porterville before going on to Stanford University, Harvard Kennedy School, and Yale Law School – before returning home to Fresno and serving his own community where he was raised as an advocate for families and children of Fresno.

Achievement and Honors

Professor de la Fuente’s discoveries have been featured in multiple journals, such as Science, Molecular Biology of Infection, and Cell Host Microbe. His efforts have made it possible to discover therapeutic molecules in extinct organisms while drastically shortening timescales required for preclinical antibiotic discovery.

Fuentes is a civil rights attorney and says his motivation for running for school board is to allow children the freedom to choose their own paths in life. He plans to focus on educational equity, college readiness and teacher resources – as well as revitalizing arts and culture in Fresno. Fuentes graduated from Granite Hills High School in Porterville before going on to Stanford University and Harvard Kennedy School of Government for higher studies; serving on Fresno City Planning Commissions while being an associate member of California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation.

Personal Life

Fuentes was an influential public speaker and lecturer who advocated for cultural continuity across Latin American nations. Additionally, he taught at multiple colleges and universities throughout the US.

His literary output included fifteen novels and numerous scholarly studies of his works, spanning fantasy to social criticism, with political commentary often reflecting contemporary issues.

Fuentes is survived by his wife, children and extended family; however, he is predeceased by one brother. At his initial bond reduction hearing, the court acknowledged Fuentes’ employment history of 10 years intermittent employment; roots in his community; minor criminal record; strong family ties and commitment to community service – factors it found sufficient evidence for in reducing his bond from $750,000 to $500,000.

Net Worth

Daisy Fuentes has amassed an immense fortune through her diverse business endeavors and is considered an industry trailblazer, having broken numerous barriers during her professional career. In 1993 she was appointed as MTV’s first Latina JV; four years later in 2004 she introduced clothing and hair care lines of her own as well as entering into an agreement with Kohl’s department stores to sell prescription eye wear from her collection.

Fuentes has also invested in real estate, owning an extravagant home in Malibu with breathtaking ocean views. She regularly travels, documenting her adventures on her Instagram account.

She combines modeling and law, currently practising civil rights and employment law. Additionally, she serves on the Board of Trustees for Fresno City College District.

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