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Cobra Kai Characters – Robby Keene

One of the most recognizable characters in Cobra Kai is Robby Keene, played by Tanner Buchanan. He has the most karate experience of all the Cobra Kai cast members and is even halfway to a black belt.

His father Johnny Lawrence is a semi-estranged man who neglects Robby and causes his problems, including drug use, stealing, and dropping out of school. Despite this, Daniel LaRusso, a Miyagi-Do karate instructor, draws Robby into the martial arts.

During his time in the LaRusso family, Robby begins to train under Daniel and is eventually promoted to a teal belt. He quickly develops a love for the sport, but also a deep resentment of Daniel for his father’s neglect of him.

He is able to overcome his anger through his training, and is rewarded with respect from both Sam and Hawk as well as the senses of the students. However, he is still not happy about being in the dojo because he wants to go back to Miyagi-Do with Sam and return to his father.

There’s no doubt that Tanner Buchanan is a great actor, but it’s his karate skills that really shine. He’s the most recognizable character in Cobra Kai and has been known to fight some very impressive and visually stunning karate battles throughout the series.

This is especially true of his Cobra Kai match against Eli ‘Hawk’ Moskowitz, who is a renowned martial artist and is allied with Miyagi-Do. Although he’s lost to Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang at the All Valley Tournament, Hawk was able to come back with his strength and determination.

At first, he was very timid and shy, but after Kreese’s guidance he became a stronger and more confident teen. As he has matured, he has become a valuable opponent for Cobra Kai.

When he was younger, he used to be the kind of kid who would bully Kenny or taunt Sam. As he grew older, though, he started to change and get closer to the other kids in the dojo.

He even took on a mohawk and started calling himself Hawk. This was a way for him to gain confidence and stand out among the other students.

As the series progressed, he was able to take on other students of Cobra Kai as well as other schools of martial art such as Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do. He even fought and won a match against Terry Silver, one of the main Cobra Kai instructors, in Season 4.

But his mohawk went too far at times and became a real problem for him. In Episode 5 of Season 4, “Match Point,” Cobra Kai cornered him at a tattoo parlor, pinned him and cut off his mohawk.

This is a big deal because it shows that Robby still has some growing up to do before he can be trusted by his father. As a result, Daniel doesn’t give him the same support that he did when he first began training with him.

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