Ronald Routh

Ronald Routh Will Appear in Court on Charges of Sexual Assault and Harassment

Ronald Routh recently stepped down as director of Pulaski County Juvenile Detention Center and will turn himself in Monday on charges of sexual assault and harassment related to children at this facility. According to staff and juveniles at this center, Routh would frequently hug and kiss juveniles, inquire about their penises, provide shoes or lunch and buy them merchandise such as comics.

Early Life and Education

Routh’s journey to Hollywood stardom resembles that of any Golden Age comic book: an attractive youngster from a small-town background moves with little money in his pockets to the big city – only to be plucked out of obscurity and cast as Superman (in a movie) himself!

Routh was born in Norwalk, Iowa to Catherine LaVaughn a teacher and Ronald Ray Routh a carpenter; their family had German, English and Scottish ancestry and were Methodist. Routh began acting professionally on ABC’s Odd Man Out series before going on to appear on other series like Undressed Cold Case Will & Grace as well as Oliver Beene.

Professional Career

Before his breakthrough as Superman, Routh appeared in various television shows like Gilmore Girls and Cold Case. Additionally, from 2001-2002 he played Seth Anderson on One Life to Live daytime soap opera.

Norwalk native Michael Shannon became an overnight success after portraying Superman in 2006’s Superman Returns; his stunning performance seemed as though it came straight out of comic book pages! His genuine nature and captivating talent won over numerous fans who continue to support him today.

Routh’s acting ability is enhanced by his musical talent – playing trumpet and piano, adding depth and dimension to his performances. Furthermore, Routh maintains a healthy physique that allows him to fully immerse himself into each role he portrays.

Achievement and Honors

His natural talent and genuine nature have won him much acclaim within the entertainment industry, earning him much admiration from audiences at every performance. Capturing iconic characters effortlessly, bringing their spirit alive on screen. Furthermore, his striking appearance adds another level of audience engagement during each show.

He earned international acclaim for his portrayal of Superman in the 2006 film and continues to impress audiences through his performances and charitable work in support of the arts.

Routh has appeared in multiple television series as both a main star and guest appearance. From 2010-2016 he played Ray Palmer / The Atom in Arrow before reappearing in several episodes of Legends of Tomorrow spin-off show. Additionally he appeared as a naval commander in Chosen and Enlisted series.

Personal Life

Brandon Routh is married to actress Courtney Ford and they share one child together. Currently he plays Ray Palmer / The Atom on DC Comics TV show Arrow while also making appearances on time travel superhero series Legends of Tomorrow.

He was raised in Norwalk, Iowa where his mother taught school and his father worked as a carpenter. His family has Germanic, English, and Scottish roots.

In 2022, he was charged with inappropriate behavior at a juvenile facility after an assistant director reported seeing him hugging and kissing a 12-year-old boy, asking about their penises, offering shoes, lunch or snacks – the allegations were later dropped. A sports fanatic himself, he enjoys playing basketball and swimming during his free time.

Net Worth

Estimates place his net worth at $12 Million; much of this wealth derives from his acting career as one of Hollywood’s premier actors who has featured in numerous movies and television series.

At one time or another he was often told he resembled Christopher Reeve (Superman in the movies). Indeed, his former manager signed him due to this similarity.

He played Daniel Shaw on Chuck and Ray Palmer on Legends of Tomorrow respectively, appearing as well in independent drama Fling and ensemble film Life is Hot in Cracktown. Additionally, he is married to Courtney Ford with whom they share one child together as well as being an active supporter of charitable causes.

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