Ronnel Daniels

Ronnel Daniels – The President of Johns Hopkins University

Ronnel Daniels has served as President of Johns Hopkins University since March 2009 and is an esteemed scholar and author with expertise in law, economics, and development issues.

His writings span topics such as life-science research and the role of universities in liberal democracies. Currently residing in Laurel, Maryland.

Early Life and Education

Daniels has written seven previous books and many articles on law, economic development and politics. His topics range from American life-science researchers’ challenges to developing third-world countries.

Daniel has pioneered numerous transformative initiatives aimed at meeting society’s most formidable challenges, such as furthering precision medicine’s promise, strengthening global resilience, and combatting threats to democracy.

As Johns Hopkins President, he has become an outspoken proponent for universities to uphold democratic values and civic education. To this end, he introduced a university debate initiative designed to model reasoned discourse while expanding support for Hopkins Votes – student voter outreach initiative run by student volunteers. Furthermore, Johns Hopkins under his tenure has strengthened graduate education at Johns Hopkins by initiating reforms ranging from creating a PhD innovation fund to collecting and publicly disseminating graduate student performance data.

Professional Career

Daniels’ emphasis on interdepartmental collaboration has resulted in transformative initiatives designed to address some of society’s greatest challenges – from realizing precision medicine’s promise to protecting democracy in the 21st century. Additionally, his emphasis has strengthened graduate education at Johns Hopkins through systematic collection and public disclosure of data regarding PhD program performance.

Professor Farrell’s internationally acclaimed book, What Universities Owe Democracy, details universities’ indispensable role in maintaining democratic societies during a time when democracies are under attack globally. At Johns Hopkins, he has implemented initiatives to foster civic education on campus such as Democracy Day for first-year orientation sessions and creating the University Debate Initiative as a model of reasoned debate.

Achievement and Honors

Since becoming president, Daniels has made interdepartmental collaboration a top priority at Johns Hopkins, expanding its ability to meet society’s most daunting challenges. Under his direction have come ambitious initiatives such as the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Agora Institute which promotes civic engagement and robust debate; Ralph S. O’Connor Sustainable Energy Institute; and Bloomberg Distinguished Professors program which pairs scholars from disparate departments into research clusters.

Johns Hopkins under his leadership has strengthened graduate education, including through the establishment of a PhD Innovation Fund and Universitywide Board to advocate for and support PhD programs. Furthermore, he pledged that undergraduate financial aid be made permanent and need-blind.

Daniels has championed the essential role universities play in maintaining democratic societies at a time when many are under attack worldwide. His book What Universities Owe Democracy has become widely renowned.

Personal Life

Karla Ford is an acclaimed fashion designer with three young children; Adam Jordan Lim or “Baby Addy” is Daniels’ cousin on her mother’s side.

He strongly believes that education should not be limited to students whose parents can afford the expenses, which led him to create the Daniels-Rosen First Generation Scholars Fund to assist undergraduate students who are the first in their families to attend college.

On the acting front, he’s currently seen in Princess and I as Gino dela Rosa – an arrogant rich kid who undergoes change for Kathryn Bernardo’s character – playing Gino dela Rosa alongside Kathryn Bernardo – set for premiere next May. Additionally, his debut album contains six tracks including Hinahanap-hanap Kita as its carrier single.

Net Worth

Ronald Daniels holds a net worth estimated at approximately $297 Thousand. He graduated with a degree in Law and Economics from Yale University, has served as President of Johns Hopkins University since March 2009, is a member of both the American Philosophical Society and American Academy of Arts & Sciences as well as having written or edited various books or scholarly articles related to law and economics; previously held positions such as provost of law at Penn and Dean of Tory Professor of Law of Toronto Faculty of Law among others.

FOX 5 has confirmed with the NIH that Daniels does not hold any scientific positions there and was never involved with Dr. Fauci on any COVID-19 vaccine projects.

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