Rose Daniels

Rose Daniels – A Remarkable Person

Rose Daniels lived a remarkable centenarian life. From being part of both cultures (Navajo to Ute), to homesteading on her own land.

Hannah Caroline and Aaron Daniels welcomed Hannah Caroline as part of their family, but due to Aaron’s heavy drinking their household became unstable.

She learned to cook, clean and sew clothing. Additionally, she created beautiful beadwork designs on gloves, moccasins and jewelry items.

Early Life and Education

Rose was born a Navajo girl in the canyons of northern Arizona around 1840. When she was five, while shearing sheep with friends she was kidnapped by White River Utes; although her descendants still dispute who exactly abducted her and why. Rose’s descendants disagree as to who took her away; all we know for certain is that Rose was terrified and heartbroken over being taken from her people and for being taken from them so soon after birth.

After she was freed, Rose found employment with several families, such as that of Aaron Daniels who was both a trapper and gold prospector with two wives – Caroline being his second and teaching her homemaking, cooking, cleaning, weaving spinning and sewing skills to run an effective pioneer household.

Caroline also taught Rose the art of gardening; Rose became an accomplished gardener who would often provide food for the reservation residents.

Professional Career

Rose has played professionally in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Additionally, he founded and serves as Artistic Director for The Purple Rose Theatre Company in Chelsea, Michigan; where it hosts classic and new plays alike.

He currently serves as president and chief executive officer of Rose Associates, a real estate development company founded by his family. Rose Associates has completed several landmark projects including Pentagon City in Alexandria Virginia as well as 99 High Street in Boston’s Financial Center area.

He has served on the Detroit Lions board of directors since 2004, as well as giving lectures about historic covered timber bridges to Road Scholar (Elderhostel). Additionally, he has published multiple books and regularly appears as a guest on Oprah Winfrey Show.

Achievement and Honors

Daniels has performed in numerous plays such as Yasmina Reza’s God of Carnage and David Harrower’s Blackbird on stage, as well as narrating a History Channel miniseries on George Washington.

Additionally, he has founded his own theatre company in Chelsea, Michigan called Purple Rose Theater. Here, young artists can sign up to an apprenticeship program and work for a modest stipend while learning lighting, sound design techniques, set construction processes and administrative/box office work skills.

Mitch Daniels Leadership Foundation presented Solso with its inaugural Daniels Prize recently for his leadership that has furthered Indiana’s progress. A jury comprised of eight of Indiana’s most esteemed people selected him.

Personal Life

Rose Daniels was truly remarkable; one of only a select group of Native Americans to reach the age of 100. Starting life as a Navajo girl and eventually ending it as a Ute homesteader; captured at age five while she and other girls were herding sheep through canyons together.

Rose was adopted into Aaron Daniels’ polygamous family at Fort Bridger and treated like one of their own; becoming part of her extended family unit.

Caroline, Rose’s other wife and an exceptional cultural woman, took in Rose as her own and taught her all aspects of cooking, cleaning, weaving, spinning and sewing that would help create a pioneer home environment. Additionally she provided Rose with an education.

Net Worth

Daniels has amassed an impressive net worth through her extensive career. Her earnings from acting roles, music gigs and other ventures have greatly added to this tally of wealth.

One of Daniels’ highest-paying jobs came when Little Darlings in Las Vegas promised she’d receive $75,000 to perform at their club. Although Little Darlings later backtracked and denied paying such a hefty fee for Daniels’ performance, Saccal says that this amount indeed changed hands.

She also boasts a successful playwriting career that has generated significant income for her. Additionally, she owns Purple Rose Theatre Company in her home city of Chelsea as well as 2188 Studio for affordable video and audio needs.

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