Ruth Adams

Ruth Adams

Ruth Adams is an internationally acclaimed artist renowned for her photographs that combine new imaging technologies with traditional photographic sensibility.

At the Board of Pensions, she serves as Assistance Program Lead. Her goal is to ensure members and their families understand how the program operates.

Early Life and Education

Ruth Adams was a New York City native who graduated from Adelphi College with honors in 1935 before going on to earn her Master’s at Columbia University.

She served as housemistress of Radcliffe College and teaching fellow and tutor at Harvard, earning a doctorate from Radcliffe in 1951.

Later in her life she dedicated herself to higher education, serving as president of Wellesley College and vice president at Dartmouth during its transition to coeducation. For this work she was honored with honorary degrees from Adelphi, Russell Sage, Rutgers Northeastern and Bates colleges.

She was an internationally acclaimed activist who dedicated her life to ensuring scientists and scholars focus on building peace throughout the globe. This dedication was evident through projects as diverse as an insect physiology research institute in Africa and a grant program supporting scholars offering alternatives to Cold War ideologies.

Professional Career

Ruth Adams has proven herself an outstanding professional in her field, serving as Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union and editing several books.

She served as a consultant to the U.S. State Department and took part in various other projects.

Her exceptional leadership skills and her unwavering dedication to supporting warfighters are testaments to her dedication in serving our country.

Ruth describes herself as an independent woman to the end. Throughout her life, Ruth has shown resilience even through treacherous flying conditions, unexpected career shifts and personal obstacles that came her way.

Achievement and Honors

Ruth Adams was an renowned academic with an extensive career in higher education. She held several prominent posts including acting president emerita of Wellesley College and acting vice president at Dartmouth to lead their transition towards coeducation in the early 1970s.

Her hard work earned her three awards: U.S. Navy Medal for Meritorious Civilian Service; National Defense Service Medal; and Air Force Achievement Medal.

Adams is an extremely gifted and committed photographer whose works combine classic aesthetics with cutting-edge imaging technologies. Her works have been shown internationally and her photos hang in many private collections around the world. Additionally, she currently serves as Associate Professor of Photography at University of Kentucky.

Personal Life

Ruth Adams became fascinated with cinema as a teenager and decided to become a screenwriter. She took her first screenwriting course and wrote two short scripts which she then had her father film with them.

As soon as she earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Adelphi College, she taught at Mepham High School before earning both master’s and doctoral degrees at Columbia University.

Throughout her career, she also focused on international peace issues. For seven years she served as Director of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and was instrumental in initiating a grant-making program devoted to alternative approaches to global security. She encouraged scholars from fields not traditionally associated with nuclear disarmament to focus on finding solutions to conflict resolution.

Net Worth

Ruth Adams is an award-winning photographer and artist. A member of the Association of Women in Photography, Ruth has shown her work across Canada and the US and holds a Bachelor of Arts in art history from University of California Berkeley. She has taught at numerous universities, such as University of California Los Angeles and Maryland. Her teaching style and ability to introduce students to digital imaging applications has won her accolades from International Center of Photography’s Best of the Best Award to National Federation of Women Artists Golden Apple Award; estimated net worth: $1.5 Million

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