Ryback Net Worth

Ryback, born Christopher Edward Miller III in Los Angeles, began wrestling professionally since 2010. He competed in the first season of WWE Reality Television show Tough Enough under his ring name Skip Sheffield.

Ryback currently carries an estimated net worth of $5 Million and earns his income primarily from Wrestling. Hailing from Nevada, Ryback can currently be found both wrestling and making movies.

Early Life and Education

Ryback was born November 10, 1981 in Las Vegas, Nevada to his mother and was heavily interested in wrestling from an early age. Watching matches as a child led to an intense passion for this form of competition that inspired him to ring the bell at one of WWF matches; eventually this encouraged him to start training for wrestling full-time.

He attended both Western and Palo Verde high schools before enrolling at Community College of Southern Nevada to study fitness management before enrolling at University of Nevada, Las Vegas to complete his education.

He is 39 years old and stands at 6 feet 3 inches; his weight is 291 pounds. His hair has long grey locks while his eyes are green in colour.

Professional Career

Ryback has been performing as a professional wrestler for over 10 years, appearing both with WWE and at other promotions such as Northeast Wrestling and WrestlePro.

Ryan Allen Reeves was born November 10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Initially starting as a bell ringer before transitioning into professional wrestling. Reeves is well known for his signature moves such as the boulder holder and shell shocked finisher moves.

Ryback won his Intercontinental Championship at Elimination Chamber 2014 and successfully defended it until Kevin Owens defeated him for good in September, after which WWE released him and released him back onto Northeast Wrestling and Wrestlepro respectively.

Achievement and Honors

Ryback has reached numerous important milestones during his career. He has competed in countless independent wrestling promotions, winning several championship titles. Additionally, he has made appearances on television shows such as Million Dollar Tough Enough and SmackDown Live.

Ryback is best known for his signature style of wrestling – earning him the moniker “The Gorilla Man.” His use of back body drops and Bearhug moves have gained him great notoriety within the wrestling community, as well as an extensive following online. Additionally, he excels in-ring.

Ryback is a three-time WWE Intercontinental Champion who also held titles as Tag Team Champion and United States Champion. Among other notable feuds involving him and other wrestlers such as Big Show and Kane.

Personal Life

Ryback has long been active in the wrestling industry. His dedication has always captivated media coverage, yet he remains private regarding his personal life and refuses to provide information regarding potential relationships or even any details on existing ones.

He was an outstanding baseball and football player at Western High School and Palo Verde High School as well as for Community College of Southern Nevada; unfortunately he experienced an injury during his rookie year and missed two seasons due to it. Subsequently he enrolled at University of Nevada Las Vegas’ fitness management program for studies.

He first competed for Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) and Florida Championship Wrestling before signing with WWE, initially under the name Skip Sheffield in NXT before transitioning into Raw. Known for strong attack moves such as back body drop, bearhug and diving splash moves.

Net Worth

Ryback, best known for his work in WWE, has made an impressionful name for himself with multiple title wins across both independent promotions and WWE’s intercontinental and United States Championships.

He is also an esteemed podcaster and has established his own nutrition line; with an estimated net worth of over $1.5 Million.

Ryan Allen Reeves, more commonly known by his ring name Ryback, has been active as an American professional wrestler since 2004. He first gained prominence after participating in the TV show ‘$1,000,000 Tough Enough”, where WWE officials identified and signed him a developmental contract. While training with Deep South Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling before making his Raw debut.

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