Safaree Net Worth 2022

Safaree Samuels Net Worth 2022

Safaree’s net worth is estimated at $4.5 million. He owns seven cars and has been romantically linked to Nikki Mudarris and DreamDoll. His earnings come from mix tapes and appearances on television. His net worth is likely to rise as his popularity grows.

Safaree’s real name is Safaree Lloyd Samuels

Safaree Lloyd Samuels is an American singer and songwriter. She has been married to Erica Mena since 7th October 2019. They are expecting their second child, and have two children. However, they are currently going through a divorce, and Erica wants joint legal custody of their daughter, as well as child support. The couple has not revealed the reason for their separation yet. Safaree has previously dated Nicki Minaj from 2000 to 2014, as well as Candice Brooks.

Safaree Samuels’ music is influenced by hip-hop. Her debut mixtape was released in April 2015, and it featured collaborations with Ward 21, Travis Kr8ts, and Philly Swain. Her sophomore mixtape, ‘It Is What It Is,’ also featured Ward 21 and Bounty Killer. In addition to recording music, Safaree has also appeared in several television shows, most notably K. Michelle’s “My Life” show. She also has been featured on ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood’.

Safaree is currently part of the cast of Love & Hip Hop New York. She made her television debut on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out (2015) and also guest starred on 3 episodes of K. Michelle: My Life (2016). She also appeared in the third season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, where she was a contestant. The following year, she was promoted to the fourth season. Safaree’s relationship with Erica Mena causes tension between her and the other main cast members, including Joe Budden, Rich Dollaz, and Cyn Santana.

Safaree is a well-known American rapper and songwriter. She is also a television personality, and was also a member of the rap group Hoodstars. She later joined Nicki Minaj’s tour as a hype man. Samuels was born on 4th July 1981 in Brooklyn, New York, and has Jamaican ancestry. Samuels attended Midtown High School, and later decided to go on a music career.

His net worth is estimated at $4.5 million

Safaree Samuels is a Jamaican-American rapper, TV personality, and producer. He has a net worth of $4.5 million as of 2022. His money comes from his studio albums and live performances, as well as endorsements. His salary can range from $400,000 to $500,000 per year. In addition to his career in the music industry, Safaree has made a name for himself as a TV personality, with his appearances on Love & Hip Hop making him one of the highest paid stars on the show.

Safaree first entered the music scene in 2000, joining rap group Hoodstars. Later, he supported the singer Nicki Minaj and wrote songs for her second album. He also starred in Nicki Minaj’s music video for “Stupid H*e,” which was released in 2012. In addition to rapping, Safaree appeared in K.Michelle: My Life on VH1. In the third season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, Safaree also appeared in the show.

Safaree Samuels was born in Jamaica but now calls the United States home. He is a successful YouTuber and has over six thousand subscribers. His videos have gained more than 10 million views. In addition to YouTube, he also has a large following on Facebook and on Instagram.

Safaree Samuels is married to Erica Mena. He is also the father of a stepson named King Conde. His net worth is estimated to be $4.5 million in 2022. Safaree’s net worth is expected to increase as more of his music is released. Safaree has received several honors in his career, including the Blue & Bougie Impact Award in February 2018.

In addition to his music career, he has a successful career as a model, influencer, and adult content creator. His popularity has helped him earn a fortune in the rap industry.

He has seven cars

Safaree Samuels is an American rapper, songwriter, and reality TV star. He has a daughter, Safire, and a son, Legend. He is also an accomplished businessman and TV presenter. He was born to Jamaican parents and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Midwood High School. He began his career in the rap scene in the early 2000s as part of the group “The Hood$tars,” but later separated from the group.

He has been romantically linked to Nikki Mudarris and DreamDoll

Safaree is a talented actress with a net worth of $20 million. She has been romantically linked to a variety of celebrities, including Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Kendall Jenner. Despite her high net worth, Safaree has not been married or has any children. She has dated Jaden Owens, a basketball player from UC Los Angeles, but ended the relationship without giving an explanation. Her net worth is largely attributed to her many roles in Hollywood movies, including a film about a black teen gangster, a Bollywood film, and a number of television shows.

Safaree has also been romantically linked to Nikki Mugarris and Nicki Minaj. She recently proposed to her girlfriend, actress Erica Mena, on Christmas Eve 2018. Safaree has been in several relationships with other celebrities including Nikki Mudarris and Dream Doll.

Safaree Samuels has worked as a model, actress, and music producer. In 2011, she was in a group called the Hood$tars with Nicki Minaj. The song “That’s My Watch” was released in 2011 and the music video “Count It Up” followed a year later. The two were linked romantically for five years but reportedly split up in 2014.

Safaree’s romance history has been relatively steady since her breakup with Nicki Minaj, though he has been romantically linked to other women as well. He has had a relationship with DreamDoll and Nikki Mudarris in the past, but nothing serious has come of it.

He has appeared on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

Safaree Samuels is one of the new cast members of the hit VH1 reality series. He is Nicki Minaj’s ex-boyfriend and has been dating the show’s star, Nikki Mudarris. The two are currently filming Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood together. Safaree has also been a cast member on K. Michelle’s spinoff show.

Safaree has appeared in several other television shows, including “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” She has a supporting role on the show since season four. She has also appeared on Love & Hip Hop: New York’s season eight, and as a main cast member in season nine.

The show’s creators have a lot of love for Safaree, and the two of them got close with each other while filming the show. Safaree has two children with Erica and they have a joint YouTube channel. Safaree has also appeared on “The Bachelorette” with Erica Mena, which ended in an ugly divorce.

Safaree and Erica Samuels’ relationship is tense, as the couple is still very much in love. They have been seen at a variety of events together. They celebrated Halloween together and attended Erica’s birthday party. Safaree has remained in the spotlight despite the turmoil in their relationship.

Safaree’s Instagram account has more than two million followers, and it is like a party on screen! The couple have a son together. They first met on season 6 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and were married in season seven. In season six, they found out that their husband was cheating on them with their assistant. The divorce ended and they now live together.

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