Samantha Jack

Samantha Jack

Samantha works for the Missing Persons Unit in LAPD, and appears to find the job challenging and emotionally draining. In addition, she recently experienced loss.

Jack shows great compassion towards Samantha and Vivian on their team, even going as far as to offer up his life for Samantha despite it going against his rules.

Early Life and Education

Samantha Jack has dedicated much of her life to fighting for what’s important – including her family. Although her father passed away when she was still young, it didn’t stop Samantha from chasing after her dreams and becoming who she desired to be.

She was an expert in all things related to Stargates and related technologies, serving as second-in-command and later leader of SG-1 team that explored alien worlds.

Jack and Gracie had an uncertain working relationship. Jack initially told her he found her attractive; however, she denied this assessment. Later, after being jokingly asked by Apophis to postpone its explosion (3.6 “Point of View”), they kissed passionately (3.6 “Point of View”). Later she mentioned enjoying being an auntie to his children (3.02 “Seth”).

Professional Career

Samantha Jack works at McCabes Law Firm as a speciality litigator and corporate/commercial law specialist, specializing in civil litigation and corporate/commercial issues. As an advocate for her community and frequently participating in pro bono claims. Samantha works closely with external community legal centres as a liaison liaison volunteer as well as being co-chair of Surrey Urban Indigenous Leadership Committee (SUILC) taking great pride in serving this unique population group.

Mentors and peers like Len Pierre, Kachina Melinda Bige, Ravina Morgan and Jeska Slater have greatly shaped her. She hopes to continue inspiring and supporting urban Indigenous youth in Surrey while working to advance decolonization and reconciliation work via SUILC. Furthermore, she plays an active role in her community and often engages in political activism.

Achievement and Honors

Samantha is a member of Endeavor’s Women’s Leadership Group and sits on two internal groups that foster gender and racial equity and inclusion. In addition, Samantha serves as board member of a global full-service cultural marketing agency and acts as an advisor for its clients.

She serves as an Ambassador for the London & Essex Panathlon Program, encouraging young people to partake in activities such as table cricket, basketball and swimming. Additionally, she acts as goalkeeper for her local football team as well as being involved with Girl Guides as a helper.

Jack seems to be immersed in his job, isolating his family from the stress and emotional attachments associated with each case he encounters. Therefore, it is no wonder that he finds solace in Samantha who shares similar concerns as him.

Personal Life

Samantha is an immensely popular short-form lip-sync and dance content creator on TikTok who posts videos under her account “Samxfrank.” With more than 120,000 fans following her videos, Samantha was once part of her high school’s varsity cheerleading squad.

She has also been an active volunteer, serving on the boards of several community organizations and dedicating much of her energy and expertise to youth empowerment and engagement programs. These experiences have all played an integral part in her leadership journey.

Though she claims that she wants nothing more to do with Jack, it’s clear she still cares for him deeply. His interactions throughout the season, from an informal discussion on parenting to his implied romance with Martin Fitzgerald demonstrate this fact. Additionally, they often trade barbs or glances between themselves; an example would be when she responds to questions about his marriage (2.6 “Meridian”) or when she berates him for lying to reporters about their affair (2.16 “Point of View”).

Net Worth

Samantha Jacques has achieved great success in her career and amassed significant wealth through hard work and talent. These attributes helped Samantha reach such an outstanding status within the industry.

She achieved worldwide renown for winning third place at the I’d Do Anything British singing competition in 2008. Since then she has released numerous albums such as Looking in Your Eyes (2007).

She is highly active on Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook with a significant following. Her satirical video edits, emotive recordings and Tiktok lip-sync performances have become immensely popular with many viewers – many especially loving her blue eyed beauty standing 5 ft 5 in and weighing 55 kg!

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