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Santurce, Puerto Rico – Home to Olga Tanon, a Puerto Rican Pop Singer

Fernandez Juncos Avenue features buildings painted with characters that depict minidramas or dreamscapes, while Neftali Maldonado has created a magnificent wood sculpture in the form of a coral reef to serve as the centerpiece for the Red Coral Lounge.

Puerto Rico’s vibrant Santurce neighborhood has seen the start of an incredible street art movement. Every corner is covered in creative expression.

Early Life and Education

Santurce is one of the most populous neighborhoods in Puerto Rico and home to numerous restaurants, bars, cafes and green spaces that allow its residents to unwind in its tropical surroundings.

Tanon was raised in Levittown, a suburb of San Juan in Puerto Rico. She began singing professionally as part of a local group called Ringo y Jossie during the 1980s before later joining Chantelle, becoming one of Latin America’s leading merengue bands and becoming a widely recognized singer in Latin America.

Since 2010, the neighborhood has embraced street art, holding an event known as “Santurce es Ley” to showcase it. The rustic aesthetic adds old school charm while protruding modernity in art and color breakthrough.

Professional Career

Santurce and Miramar were two of the busiest areas of Puerto Rica’s capital during the 1930s and 1950s, and today Santurce has seen renewed vibrancy due to business and tourism activities.

Buildings here feature vibrant murals and street art by some of Puerto Rico’s finest artists, and there are also some excellent restaurants, bars and cafes here.

Psiconautas’ music lives up to their creative name; drawing inspiration from both psychedelic science and cosmic satire. Their 2014 album, Bosque Galactico,” features full-on psych rave-up with serene vocals over organ and guitar feedback churning organ feedback; this track perfectly showcases Santurce’s diverse soundscape.

Achievement and Honors

In 2007, she won three awards at the 19th edition of Premio Lo Nuestro, Puerto Rico’s premier awards show. Her debut album iLevitable–containing timeless boleros and ballads with an emphasis on trova folk–earned her the accolade of Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album.

She credits Santurce as being her musical source of inspiration, noting how it boasts numerous small venues that showcase everything from acoustic singer-songwriters to urban music acts.

Santurce has seen a recent boom of new businesses, from cafes and vintage boutiques, to cafes. Feliciano believes Santurce’s revitalization is part of an overall movement to embrace local culture, as its public spaces feature street art throughout.

Personal Life

As with any neighborhood, Santurce features both safer and less safe areas, so it is wise to take all appropriate measures when visiting. Keep valuables safe, and avoid walking alone at night in poorly lit areas.

Santurce POP is an exciting collaborative pop-up design market located at the center of Puerto Rico’s Santurce neighborhood. Spanning 7 000 sq feet, it hosts local stores with unique offerings as well as multipurpose areas designed for events and activities.

Santurce POP Market was started by two women frustrated by a lack of affordable retail spaces for micro-enterprises. Since its creation, over 45 micro-enterprises have utilized its services. Renting storefront space at Santurce POP costs as little as $60 a day making this market ideal for people on tight budgets.

Net Worth

Olga Tanon, a Puerto Rican pop singer who has attained immense popularity due to her exceptional vocal talent. She has won various accolades and awards throughout her career including two Grammy Awards, three Latin Grammy Awards, and twenty-eight Premio Lo Nuestro awards.

She is also known for her charitable endeavors. She founded her own foundation to assist children in need and donated a large sum from her fortune to build schools in Santurce, her hometown.

Though crime rates in Santurce vary significantly, taking precautions similar to what you would in any unfamiliar neighborhood is always advised. You should always have someone local on hand who can assist in case any issues arise – having an action plan set up will allow you to stay safe while enjoying this vibrant community.

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