Sarah Michelle Gellar Engagement Ring

The Sarah Michelle Gellar Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is exciting, but it’s also a big deal. When it comes to celebrities, engagements are all the rage, and it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement. The good news is that announcing your engagement is a lot easier than you think. You simply text or email family and friends, or even post a photo on social media, and the fun begins.

The announcement that Charlyn Willis has popped the question is a real treat for fans of the actress. Not only did the couple get engaged, they moved from Los Angeles to Savannah, Georgia, where they have a new home and a new car. As part of their wedding plans, the couple will likely invite the Gellar clan to their nuptials, although a rep for the couple did not offer any specifics.

What about the engagement ring itself? This is a question we’re still debating, but it’s definitely a conversation starter. Sarah Michelle Gellar’s fiance is a diamonds and jewels enthusiast, so it’s no surprise that she enlisted the help of a diamond expert to help select a ring that is sure to sparkle for years to come. The ring itself is a princess cut diamond, and it has to be the tiniest one we’ve seen, but it still looks impressive.

In addition to the princess cut, the ring has a lot of other features. The diamond was created by Cathy Waterman, the same jewelry designer behind the dragonfly earrings Sarah Michelle Gellar wore on the cover of In Style magazine in 2002. She has also created other gems for the star, including an engagement ring with a dragonfly shaped center stone. The ring actually looks better in real life than in the pictures.

The ring is a true beauty. The diamond’s elongated shape adds to its overall appeal, and its many facets make it sparkle more than most others. It’s not hard to see why the pair is so smitten. In fact, a recent survey revealed that the couple is among the happiest in the country.

The ring has already been deemed the best by some, but the good news is that it’s not the last. Charlyn and Sarah Michelle have only been together for a little more than a year, but they’ve become close and are reportedly dating in the real world. The engagement ring is just a taste of things to come for these two and their friends and family. The newlyweds may even choose to invite the stars to their wedding. The couple will most likely continue their lives together in Savannah, Georgia, where they have a large extended family and a thriving community of fans.

In a recent interview, Sarah Michelle Gellar explained the name that accompanied the oh so elusive engagement ring. “There’s a ring I’d like to put on my finger, but I can’t get it off my mind.” We’re not sure why the ring is tangled up in her brain, but we’re glad to hear that she’s finally getting to wear her heart on her sleeve.

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