Sculptor Henry

The Sculptor Henry

Henry was well known for his abstract bronze sculptures that can be found all around the world. Inspired by Michelangelo and founded his studio in Castleford, Yorkshire.

He served as an official war artist during WWII, producing iconic drawings depicting people huddling together in Tube shelters. He believed in material truth – that artists must respect the qualities inherent to wood or stone when creating sculptures.

Early Life and Education

Henry Spencer Moore (1898 – 1972, Castleford, Yorkshire, England) was a prolific 20th century British sculptor best known for his organically shaped semiabstract figures that became internationally acclaimed. His warmly optimistic and redemptive outlook became characteristic of his work.

Moore was the seventh of eight children of a mining engineer father and housewife. Due to their frequent economic struggles, his parents encouraged him to receive an education and pursue white collar careers instead of mining – creating tension when Moore chose sculpture as his profession; which his father saw as physical labor.

Moore first started out by modeling with clay and wood; but quickly learned that direct cutting was more efficient and gave up his modeling efforts altogether.

Professional Career

Henry has had several solo exhibitions throughout the United States. Her works combine sculpture, paintings and textile pieces that draw their inspiration from history of sculpture and its scale changes over time as well as from nature.

Ewing has a deep love for Henry’s artwork and decided to have one of her recent show pieces tattooed onto his arm as an untitled work from 2005; an untitled mask-like visage stitched together using lines that both tidy up and disturb.

Jamaal Sheats, director of Fisk’s art galleries, says he has spent much of his life surrounding Henry’s work. He describes her as something of an enigma – soft spoken yet reserved but possessing an aura which outshines any art she produces.

Achievement and Honors

Since 1996, John Henry has served on the International Sculpture Center’s Board and as its Chairman from spring 2002 until spring 2003. A passionate proponent of art, he is well known as an advocate and lecturer on this subject matter. Furthermore, John has organized and advised on Chicago’s “Sculpture in the Parks” exhibition and John Henry Way was later named after him to acknowledge his efforts in Public Art.

Personal Life

He is well known for his large-scale public sculptures in both the United States and internationally, as well as being a leading advocate of public art, lecturing widely on this topic. Additionally, he founded ConStruct, a gallery which organizes sculpture exhibitions across America.

Moore’s work can be found in public collections worldwide, such as those at Tate Gallery London, Kettle’s Yard Gallery, Pallant House Gallery and Yorkshire Sculpture Park – to name just a few. Furthermore, many American museums and galleries feature his artwork as well.

In 1977, Henry Moore and his family established the Henry Moore Foundation to foster wider enjoyment and opportunities in sculpture-related arts, and continue funding various projects in this arena.

Net Worth

Anthony Henry was an outstanding painter and sculptor who made an indelible mark on the art industry. His works have been displayed at museums worldwide, earning critical acclaim as well as amassing an immense following and net worth through their artistic contributions. However, Anthony preferred keeping his personal life private rather than sharing details publicly about their lives.

His style was greatly influenced by Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, as well as artists like Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Georgia O’Keeffe.

Henry Moore prefers to keep his personal and romantic life private, even when seen with multiple women at different times. No information regarding current relationships has been revealed and he does not have any children yet.

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