Seeking Sister Wives Recap

Seeking Sister Wives Recap

Among the cast of “Second Chances,” the wives of the Epps, Foleys, and Joneses are getting updates from TLC. Here’s what you need to know about the women who have been cast in this reality series.


During the latest episode of Garrick’s sister wives, the octuple mantle got the full treatment and a few not-so-subtle digs were made about the state of the union. Aside from the usual suspects, Ysabel and Kody also got a taste of the action, with Kody being reprimanded for not stepping up to the plate after being married for five years and Ysabel dropping off a freshman at college in North Carolina.

Nevertheless, the most exciting moment of all was when the curtain was pushed back and the real work began. The octuple mantle is still intact, but a full-fledged reorganization is in the works. The good news is that Garrick’s sister wives are more than happy to oblige.


Previously on Seeking Sister Wives, Garrick Merrifield and his wife Dannielle Merrifield tried to find a third sister wife to expand their family. They flew to Brazil to meet a potential new partner. But the relationship quickly went downhill.

Earlier in the season, Garrick and Dannielle met a woman named Lea. She was a nurse from California. At first, Garrick and Dannielle thought that Lea was a good candidate for the family. However, they noticed some red flags. They were worried that this lifestyle may not fit with the Merrifield family’s lifestyle.


Getting Roberta Merrifield to America may be one of the biggest hurdles for the Merrifield family. But, Roberta has overcome a lot to get here.

Roberta’s family is getting closer to letting her in. In a recent episode, Roberta and the Merrifields participated in a non-legal ceremony in Mexico. Roberta’s mother is concerned that she will travel to the United States alone.

The Merrifields are also hoping to make April a part of their family. April is a younger woman. She seems to be understanding about the responsibilities of a sister wife.


Those of us who have watched Sister Wives may have noticed that a newbie has stepped up to the plate. Amongst the fraternity of the Merrifields is a newcomer named Arielle. She’s from the Philippines and has yet to meet the Joneses. She’s also had to take the high road with her newfound status.

It’s not hard to see why she’s earned the nickname “Baby Arielle.” She hasn’t yet experienced any of the trials and tribulations that come with having a newfound wealth. Fortunately, she has a few friends to help ease her burden.


Those looking for a sister wife can use a sister wife dating website to find their match. Polygamy is illegal in Utah. Many couples already have two or more sister wives, while others are looking for a third.

There is a lot of drama on the popular TLC series, Sister Wives. Fans are wondering what will happen when Christine and Kody separate. The two have been married for 23 years and have six children. They are also spiritually married to three other wives.

The Brown family is known for being very loving to their children. They have a live-in nanny. They have also had a lot of issues with other wives. During the first year of the pandemic, many of the other wives objected to Kody’s time with Robyn.


During the seventeenth season of the hit reality TV show Sister Wives, one of the stars, Janelle Brown, was not shy about letting the world know that she has reservations about two of the cast members. However, TLC might not be too happy with her comments.

The show, which is filmed in Arizona, has shown Janelle and her husband Kody struggling in their relationship. They have made it out of a COVID-19 pandemic, but they have still had to work on their relationship.

Christine, Janelle’s third wife, recently announced that she is leaving the polygamous lifestyle and her husband Kody. However, they are still in a spiritual marriage.

TLC offers updates on the Epps, Foleys, and Joneses

During the final episodes of season four of Seeking Sister Wife, TLC offers updates on the Epps, Foleys, and Joneses. These three families are polygamous and have been featured in previous seasons of the show. They all live their lives, but there are some growing pains.

The Epps family includes Marcus Epps, his wife Taryn, and their daughter India. Marcus is married to Taryn, but is also engaged to India. He is looking for a third wife. He plans to marry India this November. However, he has been cheating on Taryn.

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