Sendit Steve

Sendit Steve

Sendit Steve is an entertaining YouTube channel featuring a young American who is into buying and building items that can later be destroyed, along with lifestyle challenges and humorous pranks.

Steve Deleonardis, better known by his moniker of “Send It Steve” or Steve Will Do It, is an extremely entertaining personality who likes to live extravagantly. He enjoys gambling on slots machines.

Early Life and Education

Sendit Steve has only recently become active on YouTube. In his videos, he takes on challenges and dares designed to amuse viewers; these have included flipping cars, building them from scratch, drag racing his Civic and riding snowmobiles during stormy conditions.

Steve Deleonardis is best known by his moniker on YouTube – Steve Will Do It – with over 609k subscribers to his channel and over 170,000 views of his videos on that platform alone. On YouTube he is famous for his outrageous pranks and wild lifestyle led with frat boy friends.

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Professional Career

Steve Deleonardis, commonly known as Sendit Steve, is an avid gambler and drinker. He enjoys challenging himself at casinos while always up for a fun time – also frequently participating in live casino gaming and cryptocurrency betting.

He uses two Instagram accounts for his business – one is used as his main platform, while the other one serves solely for fun. Both channels boast large followings who enjoy his photos and videos.

He began his YouTube career with NELK, where he quickly earned millions of viewers through boyish camaraderie and playful antics. Later he transitioned to Twitch where he streams every day with over 750,000+ viewers primarily streaming slot machines but occasionally dabbling in other casino games as well.

Achievement and Honors

SendIt Steve is the founder of Translation, a marketing firm that assists clients such as Nike and Beats by Dre promote their music. Previously he spent the ’90s honing talent at Interscope Records under Jimmy Iovine before founding UnitedMasters which allows musicians to release independent releases without signing with major record labels. Furthermore, Steve hosts Life of Steve which features casino streams and lifestyle topics.

Personal Life

Steve is currently dating social media influencer Celina Smith. They have been together for an extended period and have successfully navigated through some difficulties together.

His videos and lifestyle have earned him widespread fame, including drinking excessive quantities of alcohol and eating anything in front of the camera. Furthermore, he frequently gives away expensive gifts to his fans.

He is best known on TikTok as Stevewilldoit and boasts over one million followers. Through this account he posts content ranging from stuffing his face with food to surprising strangers with gifts.

His specialty lies in playing slots. He enjoys trolling live dealers and playing high volatility games like Sweet Bonanza. He believes life is one big game and uses gambling as a way of testing his limits.

Net Worth

Steve Deleonardis is an influential YouTuber renowned for posting challenges on the platform, such as his inaugural video ‘Taking Over YouTube’ that reached over one million views. Additionally, he joined NELK Entertainment’s public prank videos and collaborations team known for producing public prank videos and collaborations.

He first came into prominence back in 2019 after Demi Lovato criticised him for drinking too much alcohol in his videos, prompting him to block her and have her face tattooed onto his thigh as an act of revenge.

He makes money through videos as well as merchandise sales and sponsorship deals, offering Instagram followers chances to win cash prizes and luxury items through giveaways held by him. Living a lavish lifestyle for someone of his age, his earnings enable him to achieve financial security.

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