Sharonda Adams

Sharonda Adams

Early Life and Education

Sharonda Adams was born in Kittrell, North Carolina to minister parents and a former teacher. As she was intellectually gifted she began elementary school several grades ahead of her peers; these encouragements resulted in Booker T Washington High School giving her every chance to succeed and eventually she attended Wilberforce University (one of the first African American higher educational institutions at that time) where she graduated as valedictorian with her peers.

At Interagency Academy, she has served as assistant principal and has made it her goal to foster culturally sensitive environments that acknowledge students and staff of color. She strives to achieve equity-focused collaboration among stakeholders while prioritizing students and families as part of all decision making processes. Furthermore, ensuring student safety is considered essential component of educational excellence.

Achievement and Honors

Sharonda Adams has always had more of an affinity for social work than football, and was honored by being honored into the University of Arizona Social Work Hall of Fame earlier this year, giving an emotional speech about her dedication to her profession.

Her induction ceremony was led by Dr. Schnavia Hatcher of the UA School of Social Work who conducted an emotional ceremony.

Her speech was memorable for its emotional recount of a personal experience that left the audience so moved they had to wipe away tears before she finished speaking. Additionally, she highlighted her contributions to the community, such as setting up a book club for 12- and 13-year-old girls as well as initiating drama-reading groups for young children.

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