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Founder of Ora TV and Surreal Estate, Shawn King

Founder of Ora TV and Surreal Estate, Shawn King is a music industry professional with a unique approach to making dreams come true. He’s also a big advocate of charity work and philanthropy, and has worked with some of the world’s biggest names in music.

Founder of Ora TV

Earlier this month, Shawn King, the wife of the late, great Larry King filed a lawsuit against her husband’s estate for breach of fiduciary duty. The lawsuit centers around King’s handwritten “official” will and claims that the legal system was shortchanged on this occasion.

It seems that the Blouin law firm, the firm that is defending King’s bequest, failed to turn over financial records in a timely manner, let alone pay annual taxes and late fees. In the end, the firm resigned, and King’s estate was left in the hands of a less than enthusiastic group of litigators.

Aside from the aforementioned suit, King’s estate was also in the throes of a nasty divorce. The resulting squabbling between Shawn and her two sons left King’s legacy awash in dust.

King’s estate has been the talk of the town ever since a lawsuit was filed against his former management, which included a lengthy list of execs including his longtime assistant, Robbie, and the infamous Larry king, aka Larry King Jr.

Musical odyssey

During the height of his talk show heyday, Larry King was on the road as often as he was at home. He departed this mortal coil on January 23, 2021. Fortunately for fans, the king of the road was spared the ravages of time. Despite the grueling schedule, he was able to share some of his fondest memories with his children, including a trip to Singapore where the two shared a special moment. This trip inspired the name of their new children’s clothing line, Larry’s Boys.

As for Shawn, she had a knack for turning up on the big stage. Her music and comedy act, the sextet, was a smash hit at the Apollo Theatre in the early 1990s, while her starring roles on such TV shows as the Tonight Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno have kept her in the public eye. Throughout her career, she has performed with some of music’s biggest names, including Kenny G, Celine Dion, and Neil Diamond. She also has a slew of awards to her name, including the ASCAP’s 2000 film and television award for the most played underscore.

Collaborations with musical royalty

Throughout her career, Shawn King has had the chance to work with many of the world’s musical royalty. The singer and actress has lent her voice to songs by Neil Diamond, Dionne Warwick, and Tennessee Ernie Ford, to name a few. She has also been a musical guest on several major television shows, including the Today Show, The View, and the Conan O’Brian Show. She has also worked on several films.

Shawn is a member of Denver band Devotchka. Their song, “Little Miss Sunshine,” is featured in several international productions. Their music has been used in sold-out shows of Sweeney Todd. They’ve also worked with music producer Bruce Roberts.

Shawn has worked with musical royalty such as Herb Alpert, Sergio Mendez, and Burt Bacharach. Her first album was released in 2003 on Lofton Creek Records. She has also worked with Grammy Award-winning producers Carl Jackson and Steve Tyrell. She also collaborated with singers Elton John, Kenny G, and Michael Buble.

Will challenges

Almost twenty-three years after the death of her husband, Larry King’s widow, Shawn, is suing her stepson for challenging the validity of a handwritten will that excluded her from the late talk show host’s assets. The 87-year-old’s estate was estimated at about $2 million. However, Larry King Jr., who is the eldest of five children from King, filed an ex parte application for a special administrator to oversee the estate. He also asked the court to appoint new officers for his father’s companies, which he claims are “loan out” companies.

In addition to claiming that King’s handwritten will was invalid, King said her son had exerted “undue influence” on her husband in his final years. She is also challenging an amendment to King’s will that excludes her from the remainder of the estate.

Larry King’s estate has been held by the King Family Trust, which appears to hold the bulk of his assets. King’s son also filed an ex parte application to become special administrator of the estate, arguing that King’s likeness was being infringed by online marketers.

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