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Tom Shea and Shea Thomas

Tom Shea brings an unparalleled dedication to education into his role as Senior Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions. He values transparency when discussing prospective students with their families.

Shea’s editorial ventures focused on collecting books that highlighted Catholic contributions to American history. While he may not have had the means of collecting on John Carter Brown’s scale, his library was nonetheless quite substantial.

Early Life and Education

Shea was raised in New York. At his Catholic high school, which placed a heavy emphasis on community service, his ethics would remain with him throughout his life.

Shea worked to save up money for a trip to Asia after graduating college and met his future bride during this trip; soon after returning home they married soon thereafter.

Shea was struck with a passion for hematology-oncology during his fellowship at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. This field involves bone marrow transplantation – which provides healthy blood-forming stem cells as a replacement after high dose chemotherapy is used to destroy cancerous cells – to patients after chemotherapy has destroyed them.

UNC hired Shea in 1992 to establish its bone marrow and stem cell transplant program – the first such effort in the nation that offered both autologous (using patients’ own harvested stem cells for transplant) and allogeneic transplants using donor stem cells.

Professional Career

Shea’s parents placed him on a tennis court at age three with a racket roughly the size of his tiny frame, unleashing his natural talent onto the court where he eventually competed in local tournaments throughout his childhood.

Shea earned an exceptional academic standing from the University of North Carolina School of Law before going on to work at one of the nation’s premier defense firms, handling cases ranging from multi-million dollar consumer class actions to complex litigation with insurance companies and large corporations.

Shea is currently the Senior Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at New York Tech, where he strives to restore joy in the college selection process for prospective students and their families. He places a priority on fully informing prospective students and their families about career-focused, hands-on programs designed to build skillsets necessary for future success.

Achievement and Honors

Shea attended a Catholic high school that stressed community service, a practice she has maintained throughout her career. Shea has served on multiple boards of directors including those for Osborne Association for youth of incarcerated parents, Spirit of Truth Urban Ministries, 4-H Cornell Cooperative Extension and Engineering and Technology Academy of Distinction Charter School.

Shea earned the President’s Medal, Buffalo State’s highest student award. Outside the classroom, he enjoys traveling; volunteering his services in India, Nepal and Afghanistan has allowed him to gain greater insight into other cultures. Furthermore, Shea has worked to assist cancer patients throughout North Carolina as an important figure in developing bone marrow transplant programs at UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center; moreover the John William Pope Foundation awarded Shea with a $1.3 million donation towards research efforts at this center in 2014.

Personal Life

Shea Thomas hails from Live Oak, Florida and graduated with honors from the University of Florida’s Levin College of Law. Prior to joining The Nation Law Firm in 2018, he practiced law across multiple practice areas before becoming a specialist in class action and complex litigation for clients across the nation.

As an accomplished distance runner, he holds seven Academy records in both indoor and outdoor track – including two-mile run! Additionally, his athletic success helped Army win three consecutive Heptagonal team titles in this sport.

He’s also an avid tennis player; starting to play when he was three with his parents and competing in several tournaments since. Now at Liberty University as a senior, his passion for this sport drives his desire to continue as a professional player following graduation.

Net Worth

Shea possesses an estimated net worth between $1 and $9 Million dollars. As an attorney she provides services to high net worth families, executives, and business owners on estate planning, business succession planning, contested trusts proceedings following the loss of a loved one as well as any conservatorship proceedings that arise postmortem.

Shea is an animal enthusiast with five dogs, three cats and two rats in his care. He enjoys playing golf and jumping on his trampoline as well as engaging in extreme sports like bungee jumping, skiing and surfing.

Shea was quick to show his loyalty towards Green, even telling Isaac that they should avoid targeting Blue during a partner choosing challenge if they won. His advice proved correct as both were sent to temple.

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