Shekinah Jones Net Worth

Shekinah Jones Net Worth

Shekinah Jones is a professional hair stylist who was born on May 31, 1984, in Atlanta, Georgia. She has been a part of several reality shows, including Tamar & Vince, Tiny & Toya, and Family Hustle. She is also a successful author and has a beauty line. In addition, she has had two abortions.

Shekinah Anderson is an American hairstylist

Shekinah Jones is a hairstylist in Atlanta, Georgia. She specializes in coloring, dread locks, and extensions. She earned her cosmetology degree from Empire Beauty School. Since her high school days, she has been styling hair. She has styled the hair of celebrities and has worked on many magazines and reality shows. She has also made some money from endorsement deals.

Shekinah has appeared in numerous TV shows, including Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, where she played the best friend of Tiny Harris. Her relationship with Tiny became popular during the show, which led to a relationship between the two of them. Shekinah and Tiny had been friends for a long time before their relationship ended.

Shekinah Jones is a reality TV personality and professional hairstylist. She has been featured on shows such as Tamar & Vince, Tiny & Toya, and Family Hustle. She also has her own Instagram account called @thatshekinah. Her photos have gained over 2.9 million followers.

Tiny Harris recently responded to a commenter on Shekinah’s first Instagram Live by calling her a “dizzy b-ch.” Tiny tagged Shekinah and re-posted her comment. Tiny later responded by tagging Shekinah on a post on an urban blog. Tiny’s comments were “crazy” for Shekinah, who responded by saying that Tiny is a “dizzy b***h.”

Shekinah Anderson has a salon

In addition to being a reality TV star, Shekinah Jones has a salon in Atlanta. She’s a stylist who specializes in extensions and dread locks. She has a cosmetology degree and has worked on several magazines. She’s also been involved in several trade shows.

The majority of Shekinah Jones’s net worth comes from working as a professional hair stylist. She has 2.9 million Instagram followers and has been sponsored by several companies that pay her a certain amount for each post. It’s estimated that Jones earns between $5,767.5 and $9,612.5 from these sponsored posts. She also has her own website for booking hair appointments, which cost anywhere from $100 to $400.

Shekinah Anderson has a beauty line

If you are a lover of reality TV, you’ll probably be thrilled to learn that Shekinah Jones is launching a beauty line! The Atlanta beauty has been making quite the name for herself through her work in the fashion industry. She owns a salon in Atlanta and is renowned for her glamourous look, which has earned her a following among celebrities.

Jones’ beauty line consists of a range of natural ingredients, which are great for the skin. Her line includes toners, lip tints, and face mists. Many of her products also include aromatherapy. Her products are sold in many Sephora stores. Her line includes a range of different products, including a line for men and a range for women.

While most of her wealth comes from her work as a hair stylist, Shekinah Jones has also branched out into other fields. She has appeared on T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, as well as in the movie “Tiny and the Family Hustle.” She also sponsors The Aware Brand and Natural Hair Products.

Shekinah Anderson has had two abortions

The actress has revealed that she has had two abortions and is not in a relationship right now. The reason for her two abortions is that she felt unprepared to be a mother. She was also very young at the time and didn’t regret the decision. However, her previous experiences with relationships have not been good. She was physically and verbally abused.

The actress gained popularity after she appeared in the VH1 reality show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” She started by appearing in two episodes of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta: After Party Live!” and later appeared as a supporting cast member in the eighth season. She was friends with many of the cast members, but had a feud with Akbar V.

Despite the accusations of sexual abuse, Tiny and Shekinah were once good friends. However, they recently parted ways. This scandal has prompted both Shekinah and Tiny to unfollow each other on Instagram. Tiny has denied all the allegations. It is unclear whether Tiny ever attempted to abort Shekinah’s babies.

Shekinah Anderson has a huge social media following

The new Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Shekinah Jones has a huge social network following. Her Instagram account has three million followers. That is more than Cardi B or Lovely Mimi combined. It is rare for the show to add a social media star to its main cast. Other new additions to the show include Rasheeda, Yandy Smith, and TI & Tiny.

Shekinah has always been known for her big personality and a love for beauty and hair care. She trained and got certified as a hair stylist in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition, she’s known for her witty humor and open talk about her faith. She shares that she has been in two abusive relationships in the past.

Recently, Shekinah criticized protestors and said they shouldn’t cause trouble. She is against police shootings, looting, or other acts of violence. Shekinah also said that protestors should “go home” and stop destroying Atlanta. This sparked a firestorm on social media and Shekinah apologized for her comments.

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