Shooting On Godby Road

A Shooting on Godby Road in College Park May Have Been Committed

The College Park community is abuzz with the news of a shooting. Several people were injured, and one person was killed. Police say it may have been a murder. It’s unclear what caused the dispute that led to the violence, but investigators think it could have involved multiple shooters.

The incident took place just after midnight at the Legends Cafe, which is part of the Chevron gas station in College Park. The gunman left the scene before police arrived. The gas station’s clerk said a number of shots were fired. The shooter is believed to have followed the victim to the gas station, where he or she shot her. The police haven’t released any information about who shot the woman, but they’re looking for a suspect.

At least five other people were injured in the shooting. Two men were seen on security camera footage, and there was also at least one shot fired between the two SUVs. It’s not clear how the fight started, but investigators believe it could have been over a bike. In the parking lot, the shell casings are everywhere. Several witnesses describe the scene as chaotic. A neighbor, who was inside her house when the shooting happened, said it sounded like war. Several customers ran to catch bullets. The gas station’s curfew for under-18s is now 3 p.m.

Atlanta police are looking for at least two people of interest in the incident. One suspect is a 22-year-old woman, and another man is believed to be responsible. The suspect is De’Ja Pierre-Ames. She’s currently being held in the Fulton County jail, though there is no word on whether she’s retained an attorney. Meanwhile, Atlanta city officials are touting their city’s gun violence prevention programs. They say parents need to know what their children are doing and to ensure that they aren’t carrying guns.

The shooting occurred in the Windsor Forrest Subdivision, which is located in the area of Godby Road. In the parking lot, three people were injured. The victim, identified as Breonna Kirkland, was in a brand-new SUV. The car was damaged in the shooting. The victim was found unresponsive around 6:15 a.m. She had been riding home from a dialysis appointment when the shooting occurred. While an ambulance was on its way, she applied a tourniquet to her leg. The other two victims were children, who attended public schools. The police are investigating whether or not the other suspect, who was not identified, stole the victim’s property.

The incident is the latest in a series of recent shootings in the area, including the fatal shooting of a 20-year-old man outside a College Park apartment complex in September. There are no leads at this time, but Atlanta police are seeking witnesses and are looking for persons of interest in the case. The incident is still under investigation, but police say the gunman is likely dead.

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