Shoshanna Lonstein Net Worth

Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss is an American fashion designer known for her own clothing line titled by her name, as well as serving as a spokesperson for various cosmetics and beauty products.

Born May 29 in Manhattan, New York City. Graduate of Nightingale-Bamford School before enrolling at George Washington University before transferring to UCLA.

Early Life and Education

Shoshanna Lonstein was born May 29th 1975 in Manhattan New York. She developed a great passion for fashion designing and became the founder of her clothing line named Shoshanna which launched in 1998. Additionally she has appeared in multiple TV programs and webcasts including America’s Next Top Model (2008) episode.

At just 17 years old, she began dating comedian Jerry Seinfeld for four years until it finally ended in 1997.

After a brief engagement, she married Joshua Gruss. They welcomed a daughter and later two twin boys into the family. Additionally, she has served on Temple Emanu-El’s Reform Synagogue Trustee Board; currently, she resides with her children in Sag Harbor, New York.

Professional Career

Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss is a New York City-based fashion designer. As founder of Shoshanna fashion label and UCLA graduate with double bachelor degrees in history and art history.

Shoshanna first gained widespread notoriety when, at 17 years old, she began dating Jerry Seinfeld. Their four-year romance ultimately came to an end in 1997 due to constant tabloid coverage; Shoshanna cited this reason as her motivation for ending it.

Shoshanna soon after her divorce from Seinfeld married Joshua Gruss and welcomed their daughter Sienna in 2005 and twins Angelica and Joseph Colby in 2012. Unfortunately, however, this couple ultimately separated in 2014. Shoshanna remains single today but remains close with fellow fashion designer Charlotte Ronson; in addition, she currently serves as style director at Elizabeth Arden.

Achievement and Honors

Shoshanna has seen tremendous success through her commitment to her craft and innovative designs, featuring in Vogue and Elle magazines as well as working with brands like Gap and Banana Republic.

She serves on several cancer research committees and as trustee for Nightingale-Bamford School. Additionally, she has received numerous awards and recognition for her contributions in fashion industry.

Shoshanna overcame many hurdles during her career, such as an intense relationship with comedian Jerry Seinfeld. She established her own label – Shoshanna – which has received widespread acclaim for its urban and street-style designs. Today it can be found at high-end stores worldwide.

Personal Life

Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss is an American fashion designer and the founder of her namesake clothing line – Shoshanna. Known for its classic designs and commitment to femininity, her clothing line has appeared on various television programs and webcasts.

Shoshanna was born in New York City, United States on May 29, 1975 and attended Nightingale-Bamford School on Manhattan’s Upper East Side before graduating in 1993. Following enrollment at George Washington University in Washington D. C. she transferred to UCLA where she earned both bachelor of history and art history degrees simultaneously.

At college, she began dating Jerry Seinfeld (then 38 and famous for his sitcom of the same name). Their romance became an object of public scrutiny due to their significant age difference; nevertheless, the couple dated for four years before parting ways in 1997.

Net Worth

Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss has amassed great wealth during her professional career, both through earnings from professional work as well as founding her fashion label in 1998 – Shoshanna.

She first gained fame when she began dating Jerry Seinfeld when she was only 17 and he 38. They dated for around four years until they decided to separate; during that time she transferred from GWU to UCLA so as to spend more time with him; they both cited constant media attention as well as her growing older as reasons behind their parting ways.

After marrying Joshua Gruss, they had three children together – daughter Sienna and twins Angelica and Joseph – though she prefers not to share the details of her private life with media.

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