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Why Jack Stands Are Important When Working Underneath Vehicles

Philadelphia man was fatally crushed when his car slipped off a jack he used to support it, underscoring why it is vital to always use jack stands when working underneath vehicles.

Jack stands can be purchased for around $35 at any large-box hardware store and are far safer than using boxes or cinder blocks as makeshift stands.

Early Life and Education

Jack was deeply shaped by the values embodied by his family: hard work, faithfulness and being available to others. In summers with his mother visiting migrant workers of Mexican origin he experienced various languages and cultures which would teach him tolerance and openness later in his work career.

Once he graduated high school, he attended Hershey Industrial School – now known as Milton Hershey School (MHS). Here, he took part in community-based culture while improving his academic performance.

Jack spent his tenure as editor of Religious Education, the primary journal for scholars in religious education, promoting dialogue about spiritual and religious formation and mentoring an emerging cohort of young scholars.

Net Worth

Calculating net worth takes into account both assets (such as homes and vehicles) and debt owed by an individual or business when creating this number. To do this, subtract one’s liabilities from their total assets.

Net worth provides an overall picture of one’s financial stability, rather than simply their income. It can help individuals establish budgets, make wise spending choices and save more. In addition, it serves as an indicator of one’s health when applying for mortgage or loans.

In 2023, Jack in the Box’s net worth was compared with GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of various countries. Below is a table with this comparison – click any section header to expand it further.

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