Soda Dungeon 2 Best Team

Soda Dungeon 2 Best Team

You can create a team with the same character, or with a mixture of characters in Soda Dungeon 2. This team can help you progress faster in difficult levels and avoid ambushes. The right team composition will ensure that you get the most from the game, regardless of whether you have an experienced team or a group made up of newbies. For instance, it is important to build your team with a mix of different classes to ensure that the players have varied strengths. To quickly destroy enemies, you should also make use of the soda bombs. You also need to keep in mind that there are different builds in this game.

The Carpenters Warrior team is one of the best teams for beginners in Soda Dungeon 2. This team focuses on physical damage and single highhanded attack. They are very effective for floors of twenty-five to forty-five thousand. While this team isn’t the best for high-level dungeons, they can still help you progress to deeper levels.

To build a team, you will need to hire heroes from the Tavern. This can be done by a Soda lover. You will eventually unlock new warriors that will allow you to build your team. To increase your chances of obtaining the team you want, you can also purchase advantage kits.

A Carpenter’s building is made up of four Carps. They are great for early pushes because they kill enemies before they retaliate. A Thief and a Carpenter team can work together well to get class relics and make their way further in the dungeon. You can also add a Dark Lord or two to your team.

A Nurse, a Thief and a Mystic will make up the most efficient gold farming team. This team can farm loot even while you’re asleep. The Mystic will increase your mana and make it easier to obtain a Heal Stone. Moreover, you should upgrade your tavern and upgrade the soda stein to increase your income.

The final dimension of soda dungeon 2 is 8.6. There are relics that you can get from enemies and treasure chests. You can also buy caps from the store. To get them, you have to defeat enemies and find treasure chests. Soda dungeon 2 has several secret areas where you can find treasures and defeat enemies.

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