Song In Ralph Lauren Commercial

A Song in a Ralph Lauren Commercial

When you hear the words “Ralph Lauren,” you probably think of clothes, shoes, and the brand’s fragrances. You might not have thought about the music that would accompany the ad, but it turns out that there is a song in Ralph Lauren commercial. The brand has enlisted OneRepublic to compose a new song for the ad campaign. This song is called “Life in Color,” and it will be released this summer. It is an ideal musical accompaniment to the aesthetic of Ralph Lauren.

The new ad will feature a two-minute clip that will be broadcast on television and the Internet. In addition, the brand will host a fragrance party at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Aside from the ad, the campaign will also include exclusive concert events and a social networking push. Among the stars of the film are Victoria’s Secret model Alanna Arrington, Gigi Hadid, Lucky Blue Smith, Luka Sabbat, Glen Luchford, and Fai Khadra.

The ad will also feature a new team of perfumes. This includes Polo Blue, Polo Red, and Polo Green. Angus Cloud is the newest face of the brand’s fragrance. He posed for the Ralph Lauren ad along with other models. Also featured in the ad is a young man who looks like a David Hasselhoff-like guy, who zooms down the Autobahn in a slick whip. Earlier in the ad, he meets a hot main squeeze in a boat.

If you are a fan of OneRepublic, you will be excited to hear their new song in the ad. The band has a soft rock sound that complements the aesthetic of Ralph Lauren. Besides the new song, you will also be able to hear a version of the “Think High” song in the commercial. And you can look forward to more songs from OneRepublic in the future!

As of right now, you can listen to the two-minute clip online. But if you want to see the full ad, you’ll have to wait until December 24th. After all, the ad is part of the Ralph Lauren Christmas campaign. While you’re waiting, be sure to check out the other Ralph Lauren Christmas ads on YouTube.

This year, the ad will be accompanied by a short film. It features a variety of different styles of fashion, including a tartan trouser and a robe jacket. There are also a bunch of different couples reuniting for the holiday season. Besides the new team of perfumes, the ad will also feature some exclusive concert events and a social networking push. By the time the holidays are over, you will be able to experience the Ralph Lauren holiday collection, including a polo match, a deck the halls party, and a lot more.

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