Stalker Best Shotgun

Best Shotgun For Stalking

The Stalker Rifle is a great shotgun for stalking. It’s a powerful weapon, which doesn’t need to be reloaded and can also be used without a scope. You’ll be able to dominate your enemies using this weapon.

Unlike the other two, this weapon is also very accurate. In addition, it’s rare. Aside from the Colt M1911, the game also has a variant called the Kora-919. This weapon is much more accurate and has a lower rate of fire. Other guns include the Makarov PMm, a pistol that was given to Docent Suslov during the SoC. Another pistol that’s used by Mercenaries is the SIG-Sauer P220. This pistol is identical to the USP Compact, but it has a 10-round maximum.

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