Starwood Nightclub

The Starwood Nightclub

Many punk and heavy metal bands got their start playing at Starwood Nightclub from 1973 to 1981 in West Hollywood, California. It was an extremely popular club and music venue.

Motley Crue first played their debut show there in April 1981, thanks to their bass guitarist Nikki Sixx’s convincing bosses of their suitability for performing.

Early Life and Education

The Starwood was a nightclub and concert venue located in West Hollywood, California that served as a mecca for Southern California’s punk and metal scenes as well as various other genres such as folk and country music.

John Lennon, Harry Nilsson and other rock musicians often frequented the On the Rox Bar above Starwood Club; this venue also helped launch Cheech and Chong’s comedy career; Paul Reubens debuted his Pee-Wee Herman persona here.

Clubs were an easy place for members of the 1970s generation to secure Quaaludes, an extremely potency drug favored by club members during this period. A local doctor would distribute them from his office next door; his distribution line often stretched for blocks!

Professional Career

Before becoming the Starwood, this venue was known as PJ’s; an exclusive jazz nightclub popular during the 1960s which attracted film and TV personalities as well as old school jazz musicians such as Bobby Fuller Four, Standells, and Rufus Thomas who recorded live albums at that venue. When Eddie Nash bought it and cofounded Whisky A Go-Go it became Starwood.

Starwood Club was an extremely popular music venue from 1973-1981, rivalling even Whisky as an arena for punk and glam metal music performances. Many punk and glam metal acts began their careers here.

Motley Crue made their first concert together at this venue; Nikki Sixx worked there as a janitor and convinced his bosses to let the band play. Other local acts that first performed here included Black Flag, Germs Fear Dickies Circle Jerks Dokken Circus Circus which would later become W.A.S.P).

Achievement and Honors

Venus, as an integral member of Starwood Innovations team, is set for further success. She plans on expanding Starwood Innovations into Nashville Tennessee alongside her colleagues, drawing upon her background working nights at Sephora make-up megastore to secure new opportunities for expansion.

Venus is not only an employee at Starwood but she is also the proud mother of two beautiful children and the founder of both a skincare line and a theater production company. Recently she was honored at Toronto’s Circa nightclub with three awards from Canadian Events Industry Star Awards: Best Table Center, Best Tradeshow Booth and Platinum Award in Event Design – making her a true leader in special event field.

Personal Life

As well as hosting concerts, the club was also an attraction for celebrities. It provided the ideal setting and platform for bands such as Van Halen, X, The Germs, FEAR, The Dickies Circle Jerks Sister The Knack Motels Quiet Riot Dokken to launch their careers here.

Eddie Nash was a notorious organized crime figure in Los Angeles who had his hand in several high-profile homicide cases including the Wonderland Murders which involved four people being brutally murdered inside an LA house in Laurel Canyon. Eddie owned The Starwood.

Starwood Club was also well known as an easy place to access Quaaludes – the trendy drug of choice during the 70s – as the local doctor’s office located next door would distribute them freely among club regulars. Unfortunately, Starwood club closed in 1981 and has since been demolished and turned into a mini mall.

Net Worth

The Starwood nightclub, located in West Hollywood, California and open from 1973 until 1981 was an influential gathering place for punk and heavy metal bands alike.

Eddie Nash was a notorious drug kingpin who also operated Kit Kat strip club and numerous teen dance clubs during the 1970s. Police reported an average of 25 drug busts each month at Starwood Club.

The Starwood was previously known as PJ’s, a popular jazz club during the 1960s that attracted both film and television personalities as well as old school jazz musicians from PJ’s’s early days, such as Bobby Fuller Four, The Standells, Rufus Thomas recording live albums there. Nash bought out PJ’s and transformed it into The Starwood after purchasing it outright in 1973.

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