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A Brooklyn Man Arrested on Suspicions of Killing John Jay College Student Stepha Henry

On Tuesday, a Brooklyn man was charged with murdering John Jay College grad student Stepha Henry, last seen alive at Peppers Caf nightclub in Sunrise, Florida on May 29.

Kendrick Lincoln Williams claims he dropped her off at the club before driving home himself.

Early Life and Education

Since John Jay honors graduate Maryam Jalil was reported missing during a Memorial Day weekend visit to South Florida, her family have made desperate pleas on national news shows, posted posters everywhere she visited and observed holidays with heavy hearts. Forensic tests have indicated blood was found at her disappearance site indicating possible murder.

She had flown to Miami Gardens with her sister Shola, 16, in order to celebrate and visit relatives. On the evening of May 29, she told her aunt she planned on heading off with someone known to them to Peppers Club in Fort Lauderdale and left their car there hours later.

She credits higher education with saving her from a life of sexual abuse, toxic relationships and drug dependency. These experiences now serve as a basis for her work with child and woman protection organizations such as Hope’s Door and TexProtects.

Professional Career

Stephanie Henry has extensive experience as a communications professional, producing writing, video production and social media management deliverables. Additionally, she served as fundraising director at EMILY’s List, overseeing major donors and regional partnerships to support female candidates running for public office.

At Amgen, she currently serves as a CMC Integration Project Manager within Process Development. In this capacity, she collaborates cross-functionally with teams including partnership management, clinical risk mitigation and management, supply chain engineering variation management and combination product operations to optimize development strategy. In addition, she participates in PDA’s ECP Mentorship Program where she meets monthly with Jason Kerr – KGI graduate and 2022 recipient of Outstanding Early Career Professional Award – to discuss career advancement and discuss leadership techniques.

Achievement and Honors

Stephanie Henry is a classically trained pianist and composer who has performed in theatrical and orchestral ensembles across the US. Additionally, she offers piano lessons to all age levels while creating music compositions to enrich classroom curriculums.

John Jay honors graduate who went missing while visiting relatives in South Florida over Memorial Day weekend was reported by phone call to her mother as saying they were going out together – with 16-year-old sister going to night club – according to their mother. Police traced cell phone signals and searched abandoned cars but have found no sign of 22-year-old.

Kendrick Williams of Brooklyn, New York was arrested and will likely be charged with second-degree murder for her disappearance. Investigators discovered a significant amount of blood inside the Acura Integra that Kendrick drove on the night she disappeared to Peppers Cafe Nightclub.

Personal Life

Stepha Henry, 22, went missing while vacationing in Florida during May as she prepared to take the law school entrance exam. Since her disappearance her family have not found her. Stepha had become close with 32-year-old Kendrick Williams at an earlier barbecue before getting into his sedan for transport to a nightclub where she would later vanish again.

Williams had long been of interest to investigators due to his transient lifestyle, yet was only identified once Henry’s blood had been linked back to him in his car after its impoundment after her disappearance and evidence found there linked back to Henry – including in its passenger seat, seat belt and even on its right front floorboard.

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