Stephanie Ruhle Facial Paralysis

A Closer Look at Stephanie Ruhle

Stephanie Ruhle is a former Bloomberg News and MSNBC host, and today is the Senior Business Analyst for NBC News. She is known for her wit and charm and a flawless sense of style. Previously, she worked at Credit Suisse and as a hedge fund salesperson. Currently, she lives in Manhattan with her husband and three children. One of her favorite things is spending time with her family.

Stephanie’s awe-inspiring career spans nearly 14 years. Throughout her time in the financial industry, she has worked at several companies, including Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, and Credit Suisse. For a time, she was the highest-ranking credit derivatives salesperson in the country. During her tenure at the firm, she aided the development of a global market women’s network. The network helped female executives in the finance industry develop and succeed in their careers.

Aside from her work as a businesswoman and journalist, she has an impressive collection of hairstyles. Her signature wavy locks are highlighted with a bit of color, but she’s also a fan of a sleek, short cut. Among her many notable appearances, she was in the news recently for a live report she did while lying down on her lap.

Besides her work as a financial writer and broadcaster, Ruhle has a keen interest in helping women lead. For example, she is a member of the Girls Inc. NYC board, and she participates in their Leadership Council. In addition, she has been involved with the organization’s new podcast, Modern Ruhles. Apparently, it is a clever attempt to bring together the best ideas from various sectors of society in a fun, entertaining way. It’s an excellent example of how Ruhle has blended her career with her personal life.

Another important tidbit is that Stephanie Ruhle has had Bell’s palsy. This is a neurological disorder that causes the face to become paralyzed on one side. Symptoms usually clear up in a few weeks. But the symptoms are so severe that the face becomes distorted, making it hard to smile. When Ruhle first learned she had Bell’s palsy, she believed she had the disease. However, she could not locate her test results, so she didn’t know if she had a full recovery or not.

Another noteworthy fact about Ruhle is that she is a Catholic. She has had the opportunity to live abroad in Kenya, Guatemala, and Italy. She also has three children, and the oldest is fourteen. Although she spends most of her time in Manhattan, she loves to take vacations to her home state of Connecticut with her family.

In the last year, Ruhle has been featured on several television shows and is the most recent recipient of the Women of the Year award. However, her most memorable contribution has been her role in the creation of the Global Market Women’s Network at Deutsche Bank. As co-chair of the organization, she has played an important role in helping female leaders reach their potential.

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