Stephen Shoemaker

Stephen Shoemaker

Stephen Shoemaker is an esteemed artist living and working out of his own studio in West Jefferson, NC. Additionally, he’s involved with several community organizations and fundraising initiatives locally.

His research specializes in early Christianity and early Islam, particularly early devotion to Mary as well as Christian apocryphal literature.

Early Life and Education

Stephen Shoemaker was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. While attending Washburn High School he participated in football, speech, golf and school band as a second-chair trumpet player; serving as treasurer for his student body body as well. Stephen is the son of Jeff and Trudy Shoemaker and an honors graduate.

He specializes in early Christian, Byzantine and Islamic history. His research interests center around Mary, early devotion to saints, Christian apocryphal literature as well as Islam’s rise.

He is active in local community organizations and fundraising events, including being a member of West Jefferson Arts Council, Town Planning Board and Ashe Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees. Additionally, he regularly contributes articles for Ashe County News; additionally his artwork can be seen throughout local businesses like LifeStore Bank branches.

Professional Career

Shoemaker was a geologist working for the United States Geological Survey. His specialty was looking out for comets and asteroids whose orbits overlapped Earth’s orbit, in order to catalog these objects so as to prevent their impacting Earth. Additionally, he studied Yucca Flat craters caused by nuclear tests.

He published several studies on early Christian traditions regarding Mary, such as an analysis of early texts describing Mary’s Dormition and Assumption. To do this, he used archaeological, liturgical, and literary evidence in compiling his work.

Stephen Shoemaker is a practicing podiatrist specializing in foot and ankle podiatric surgery with over 12 years of experience. He serves both individuals as well as business owners. Additionally, Wishart Law firm retains him to practice real estate law.

Achievement and Honors

Shoemaker was an esteemed clinical investigator, authoring over 700 scientific papers and 55 books or book chapters. Additionally, he served as both clinician and educator while also editing numerous journals.

Shoemaker is one of the few individuals ever honored with a medal from every major science society and multiple government agencies and universities, receiving multiple awards including government agencies’ medals of appreciation and university accolades as well as multiple prizes such as Franklin Institute’s Wetherill Medal, G.K. Gilbert Award from Geological Society of America’s Geology Division Award and finally, National Medal of Science.

He currently sits on the Board of Appalachian Memorial Hospital and was recently honored as Ashe County’s Volunteer of the Year. Additionally, his interests include art and church ministry – as well as publishing several articles related to these subjects.

Personal Life

Steve Shoemaker is a family man who takes great pleasure in spending time with his wife and two children. Additionally, he’s an avid sports fan, often attending Sarasota Sun Devil and Cal Ripken games as well as high school football and baseball matches in Sarasota as well as Ole Miss and Duke games.

He enjoys taking walks, camping and fishing during his free time. Additionally, he is an accomplished artist residing in West Jefferson and painting at his studio there – his works can often be seen displayed throughout Ashe County businesses.

He has received multiple fellowships and awards to support his research from organizations such as the American Council of Learned Societies, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, and National Endowment for the Humanities. Furthermore, his passion lies with teaching writing; encouraging students to view writing as an active process of thinking is his top priority.

Net Worth

Steven Shoemaker is a partner at Wishart Law Firm LLP, where his practice specializes in advocacy and litigation. He has represented clients before courts and administrative tribunals. Furthermore, Steven has worked at numerous public companies–such as Millennial Esports Corp–where his expertise was invaluable to their legal needs.

He currently holds the position of Independent Director at WIN Group and oversees sales, marketing and design center activities as well as leading IT initiatives and company leadership development efforts.

He is a published author with a PhD in religious studies. A frequent contributor to journals and magazines, he attends Yale-Harvard football games regularly with his family – his wife and three children are his priority.

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