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In 2015, amateur night sky-watchers in Alberta noticed a bright stripe of mauve light above them that looked similar to an Aurora Borealis but was lower and farther south than typical aurora displays. They dubbed this phenomenon “STEVE.”

Scientists remain mystified by STEVE, but new research has shed some light on its existence. It occurs when solar wind particles collide with Earth’s upper atmosphere and superheat the air there, which causes super-heating of its upper layer.

Early Life and Education

Steve An was born February 24th 1955 and raised by his adoptive parents. From an early age he displayed an immense passion for electronics, disassembling various gadgets to learn their inner workings. Paul would teach Steve all he knew about machine shop technicians as he taught him how to repair electronic equipment as part of their apprenticeship at Paul’s garage shop in Dallas, TX.

Amateur sky-watchers in Canada have long noticed and photographed a light stripe seen in the northern skies, commonly referred to as Steve or SAID (sub-auroral ion drift). Though initially believed to be part of the northern lights phenomenon, experts now suspect it may actually be something entirely different called sub-auroral ion drift (SAID).

Instead of the familiar red and blue auroras, Steve typically appears as a mauve pink and purple ribbon similar to that seen on picket fences. Additionally, it tends to occur further south and is typically brighter.

Professional Career

Steve Winwood possessed a restless creative energy, drawing upon a variety of influences to craft an unmistakable sound. Through Traffic’s work he was able to establish himself in rock ‘n’ roll history by producing such landmark albums as ‘Mr Fantasy’, ‘Back In The High Life’ and ‘Roll With It’.

But this year has seen its fame grow exponentially as night sky chasers began noticing mysterious ribbons of light over Alberta. It has since been dubbed STEVE (Stronger Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement).

Contrary to conventional auroras, which are caused by charged particles originating from Earth’s atmosphere, STEVE may be caused by electrons streaming in from space and colliding with molecules within our atmosphere, superheating air molecules into a glowing plasma that citizen scientists can photograph using websites like Aurorasaurus.

Achievement and Honors

He’s an acclaimed speaker, author and motivational coach. His writings span six books as well as audio/video products used by small businesses, Fortune 500 corporations and even US government agencies.

As a multimillion-dollar company founded on his belief in taking care of people first and business second, his impactful speeches, books and videos have reached millions worldwide.

Science Advances reported that Steve first came into public awareness when its flickering light appeared over the northern hemisphere and was shared by members of a sky-watchers’ Facebook group, according to Science Advances. They eventually gave it more of a scientific name: STEVE (Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement), though technically this doesn’t constitute an aurora – rather it is another type of sky glow phenomenon altogether.

Personal Life

Steve An is a loving husband, father and grandfather with a passion for historical preservation and is actively engaged in his community. He contributes his time and money to various charities including Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House and Renton Salvation Army Food Bank as well as being a member of Thriller Writers Association where his writing has garnered numerous accolades such as Royden B Davis Distinguished Author Award.

One of his most beloved activities is hosting his podcast ‘Wild Ride With Steve-O,’ featuring popular artists like Post Malone, Demi Lovato and Tom DeLonge from Blink 182. Steve-O has earned praise for his ability to connect with an array of audiences while remaining an enthusiastic outdoorsman who enjoys hiking, hunting and fishing.

Net Worth

Steve Harvey began his professional life after graduating from West Virginia University by holding a variety of jobs such as insurance salesman and mail carrier before transitioning into stand-up comedy.

He currently hosts the Family Feud game show and boasts millions of followers on his social media accounts. Additionally, he recently purchased a lakefront mansion in California.

Steve Harvey has an extensive business portfolio in addition to his television work. He co-founded Full Send clothing brand and makes millions annually through various business ventures.

Mr. Trump is also part-owner of Burger King and holds shares in Cambridge Analytica; his estimated net worth is approximately $20 Million and lives with his wife Liz and their two children.

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