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Artist Profile – Steve Austin

Steven Carrelli is a Chicago-based visual artist who explores traditional painting styles and techniques. His minimalist egg tempera still lifes and figurative paintings combine direct perceptual experience with art historical imagery for captivating works that combine direct perceptual experience with art historical imagery.

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Early Life and Education

Steven Carrelli earned both a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from Wheaton College and an MFA in Painting from Northwestern University. A Fulbright scholar during 1995-96 in Florence, Italy studying egg tempera painting techniques he has returned multiple times since to teach and work as well as producing small-scale realistic paintings that often incorporate trompe l’oeil techniques.

Gaining prominence as both a cast member of Dana Carvey Show and correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, he went on to star in several comedic films such as Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and its sequel Evan Almighty as well as voice character Gru for Despicable Me franchise.

He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois with his wife Louise LeBourgeois (an accomplished painter). Together, their artistic works have been featured in various solo and group exhibitions as well as publications like the Chicago Sun-Times, Reader, New American Paintings and Art Scene Chicago 2000.

Professional Career

Carrelli’s paintings and drawings employ close observation and the poetic potential of everyday objects to explore themes of permanence, temporality and ambition. His works have been shown both solo and group exhibitions and can be found in both private and public collections worldwide.

He first achieved fame through The Dana Carvey Show in 1996, before going on to serve as a correspondent on The Daily Show from 1999 until 2005. Additionally, he has appeared in multiple comedy films and series.

His breakout roles as Anchorman and The 40-Year-Old Virgin established him as a leading man, followed by comedies such as Evan Almighty (2003) and Uncle Arthur in Bewitched (2005).

Achievement and Honors

Steven Carrelli’s minimalist egg tempera “still-life” paintings use close observation, the poetic potential of everyday objects and craftwork to explore themes related to permanence, temporality, ambition and vulnerability. His works have been displayed both solo and group exhibitions as well as featured in publications like Chicago Sun-Times, Reader and Art Scene Chicago 2000.

Carelli made his Raw debut on July 21, partnering with Zack Ryder to defeat David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty in a non-title match. As Santino Marella, Carelli received two Wrestling Observer Newsletter Best Gimmick awards: 2007 and 2008.

Carrelli also plays an active educational role, teaching at DePaul University School of Art.

Personal Life

Bruno Carrelli presents as generally healthy psychologically, yet recently experienced considerable physical trauma. Although this topic was raised, Bruno decided not to go too deeply into discussing it, in order to maintain healthy boundaries amid what must have been an extremely stressful situation.

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Maria Carrelli creates original songs ranging from toe-tapping bluegrass to foot-stomping folk rock, recalling Alison Krauss and Loretta Lynn in sound and style. Check out Trouble below.

Net Worth

Steve Austin resides at Broken Skull Ranch in Nevada and earns most of his income through wrestling, movies, podcasts and the Broken Skull Challenge.

Furthermore, this wrestler possesses an infectious sense of humor that delights his fans – particularly women fans. His popularity among these groups is immense.

He is an experienced actor, having made appearances in several movies and TV shows such as Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

But his personal life is much more complicated; he has gone through three divorces and been accused by a nanny of sexual abuse and verbal harassment. Additionally, this man is an avid collector of vintage jeeps.

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