Steve Bagdasarian

Steve Bagdasarian is a Promising Business Leader

Bagdasarian’s business acumen and leadership abilities have brought success in previous companies, and he’s eager to leave his mark on new ventures. Recently he served as General Manager at Publishers Clearing House.

Format Films was responsible for producing The Chipmunks TV show after their successful LP records were translated to animation by Leo Salkin and Bagdasarian. Together, they worked closely together on producing animated adaptations of record routines as well as original stories for each episode.

Early Life and Education

Ross Bagdasarian was an under-achieving composer at the time, so when his family invested all their savings into a multi-speed tape recorder in 1958, two #1 hits were created with it, leading him to create his character of Dave Seville which would go on to become an immensely successful Saturday morning cartoon series and record franchise.

He strongly believed in advanced technical education and graduated with an M.Sc. from New York Institute of Technology at age 58. Additionally, he was passionate about Armenian culture and heritage and served on the board at St. Illuminator’s in New York while being active with Dashnak groups.

Rose graduated from William Horlick High School and spent her life working in banking; she was an active member of Sacred Heart Church in Racine. Rose leaves behind a daughter Jodi Gerdes from Verona who she raised alongside Dr. Dale Gerdes; grandnieces Alissa and Melissa; as well as sister-in-law Var Krikorian from Racine and brother-in-law Michael Bagdasarian from Racine as well as numerous cousins and friends.

Professional Career

Steve Bagdasarian is an accomplished business leader with extensive executive experience in sales, marketing, P&L management, strategic partnership development and acquisition integrations. As a successful strategist who focuses on quality and growth for his organizations.

He has held key positions at global digital media, ad tech, and data product companies and been at the forefront of creating successful revenue streams through innovative new products and strategic partnerships.

According to his complaint, in order to establish a prima facie case of discrimination under Section 633(a) of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), Bagdasarian must produce sufficient evidence that more likely than not, the decision not to promote him was motivated by age; McDonnell-Douglas 541 F.3d at 91 is an example.

Achievement and Honors

As well as writing successfully, Bagdasarian was also an accomplished director. His debut novel Forgotten Fire chronicled the genocide of Armenians in Turkey and parts of the Middle East between 1915-1918; its reviews from many notable critics received widespread acclaim.

After retiring the Chipmunks in 1969, Ross Bagdasarian found success as a grape farmer. He passed control to his son Ross Bagdasarian Jr. and Karman in 1980; and they brought Alvin, Simon, and Theodore back into public view through new record albums, television shows, animated movies, new animated TV series – along with numerous other projects!

Bagdasarian also held various executive positions at PCH; most notably as General Manager for Media and Strategy.

Personal Life

After an impressive series of Chipmunk LP recordings, Bagdasarian turned their popularity into an animated television series produced by Format Films. He worked closely with Leo Salkin who served as story man; together they would sketch animated adaptations of record routines while simultaneously developing original stories for their characters.

This prime time animated show featured Alvin, Simon and their extended chipmunk family as main characters, with one additional character Clyde Crashcup who had eccentric ideas but no ability to act upon them.

Clyde and Alvin became known as the Scientific Duo. Bagdasarian recorded a song for this series called Witch Doctor that became a top hit on Billboard charts; its music can still be found on some Chipmunk compilation albums today.

Net Worth

After decades in the music industry, Bagdasarian has amassed quite a fortune. An accomplished business professional with previous company leadership experience under his belt, his expertise makes him an excellent candidate to lead new startups to success.

Bagdasarian amassed much of his wealth through his grape growing operation, which served as the largest supplier for Gallo Wines in America. Additionally, he owned numerous properties and ventures, while being involved in other businesses.

Ross Bagdasarian (later David Seville) was experiencing difficulty as a songwriter in 1958. Although his novelty dialect songs had garnered some success, their commercial viability had diminished drastically. With $200 in savings saved up from writing other novelty dialect songs he decided to purchase a tape recorder and experiment with changing its speed, which resulted in his writing “Witch Doctor” and “The Chipmunk Song”, both big hits for Rosemary Clooney that saved Liberty Records from bankruptcy.

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