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Steven and Janelle Broadwell Accused of Stealing $150,000 From a Blind Veteran

Steven and Janelle Broadwell have been accused of taking approximately $150,000 from a blind veteran living with them. When she approached Henderson police to report this theft in June, Steven and Janelle Broadwell fled without answering their calls or returning to address her concerns.

Some of the checks withdrawn were used for home improvements such as installing closets and cabinets. They also paid for an air conditioning unit.

Early Life and Education

As per her biography on Century High’s website, Broadwell achieved many accolades as part of her high school experience: valedictorian, student council president and homecoming queen – not to mention playing on their basketball team!

Broadwell was involved in a conspiracy to produce crystal that truck drivers used to increase alertness and prevent fatigue. She served as an intermediary between Bauer, Brittain and Phillips who distributed chemicals for this manufacturing operation.

The couple accused the victim of antagonizing them by demanding payment despite her limited income, as well as using her funds to renovate their home, including installing an expensive pool that cost nearly $35,000 and custom closets and cabinets for around $10,000 more. They even used her money to register a Jeep under their names.

Professional Career

Broadwell began her legal career working for Alaska Legal Aid and Alameda Legal Aid; later she co-founded Mocine & Eggleston law firm; she also taught as an adjunct professor at Western Carolina University.

She has taken an active part in public causes, including fundraising for wounded warrior groups. These efforts hold special meaning to her given that her husband, an active military officer with experience serving in Afghanistan, has also taken an interest in these causes.

Investigators have yet to ascertain how Broadwell obtained the classified materials found on her computer, or whether she violated government rules regarding handling classified information. Her brother reports she has cooperated fully with them so far; in spite of this scandal she hopes to continue supporting veterans’ groups and fundraising for wounded warriors.

Achievement and Honors

Paula Broadwell has hired an elite Washington public relations firm in an attempt to change her image as reported in the media. Additionally, she declined an opportunity for substantial compensation to appear on a reality show.

She first encountered General David Petraeus while she was an undergraduate student at Harvard. He assisted with her thesis and she admired his leadership style; they exchanged emails before meeting again four years later when she was conducting research for her book about him in Afghanistan.

Broadwell has many hobbies including running, skiing and triathlons and has even appeared on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show where she challenged him to a pushup contest that she won and donated the proceeds to wounded warrior groups. Additionally, she regularly speaks at universities on military topics as well as write numerous articles.

Personal Life

The FBI has been conducting an investigation into harassing emails sent by Broadwell to Jill Kelley, an Air Force liaison in Tampa, Fla. However, they cannot yet conclude whether their relationship led to Petraeus’ departure.

Broadwell is married to Steven Broadwell, who serves as fire department battalion chief for Clark County Fire and Emergency Services. In recent years she has been actively raising money for wounded warrior groups as well as appearing on Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show.”

Broadwell is both a mother and fitness enthusiast who graduated with academic honors from West Point. Critics question why she was granted access to her subject. Some claim that her book’s glowing portrait of Petraeus may have been biased, leading to speculation she should bear responsibility for his downfall; yet supporters argue otherwise.

Net Worth

Paula Broadwell of Charlotte, North Carolina and wife to a military hero is being unfairly blamed for his downfall after her affair became public knowledge. Although no one condones Paula’s actions, many commenters point out that gender and social stereotypes may have led them to target Paula for this scandal.

Clark County Fire Department battalion chief Steven and his wife Janelle have been charged with exploiting an older person and stealing from a legally blind veteran who resided with them for more than two years. The victim, aged over 60 and suffering from medical problems such as blindness in one eye and hearing difficulty, authorized Janelle to access her bank account so she could pay for renovations of their home, including installing a swimming pool according to documents.

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