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Steve Craig Net Worth – Family, Height, Age, Sisters, Parents and Other Details

Steve Craig was an NFL tight end from 1974-1978 who represented the Minnesota Vikings, winning Super Bowl IX and XI.

Craig currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Marie Osmond and son Stephen James Craig.

Early Life and Education

Steve Craig’s net worth, family life, biography, height, age and birthday details can be found here. Steve played tight end for Minnesota Vikings from 1974 – 1978 helping them win Super Bowl IX and XI.

His Mormon roots drew him to Provo, Utah where he completed high school education before enrolling at Brigham Young University to continue studying basketball professionally after graduation. Taking great pleasure in doing both activities simultaneously.

Marie Osmond and Donny are living a luxurious life, raising two children together while earning decent sums as motivational speakers and travelling the globe – not forgetting Marie who makes good money as a singer as well!

Professional Career

Steve Craig started out his professional career as a football player, transitioning into being a federal investigator, before later working at a private law firm where he now practices. With extensive experience handling various cases effectively, he knows what steps need to be taken when dealing with them.

He specializes in product liability investigations, wrongful death investigations, accident reconstruction, database research and difficult witness interviews. In addition, he has handled Hurst re-sentencing cases as well as capital cases (death penalty).

He married Marie Osmond in 1982, an American singer-actress-doll designer renowned for hosting Donny & Marie TV show as hostess and doll designer. Additionally he works as production designer and motivational speaker accumulating an estimated net worth of more than $18 Million and making fortune delivering speeches.

Achievement and Honors

Since 2012, in addition to running his business, he has devoted part of his time towards charitable efforts. As a member of KidWorks of Santa Ana Board of Directors since then – an organization which provides low-income children with education and life enrichment support services –

Former athlete Jonathan has an engaging sense of humor and regularly provides motivational speeches for people in need. Additionally, he appreciates spending time with family and friends.

Craig has married twice throughout his lifetime. First to Marie Osmond in 1982 and again on 4 May 2011 in Las Vegas. They share one son together; details regarding their personal or love lives remain private but both parties maintain a healthy relationship.

Personal Life

Steve Craig is an iconic American football player known for his athletic ability and various charitable efforts, such as sitting on the Board of Directors for KidWorks of Santa Ana which provides services for low-income children.

Born in Provo Utah and attending Brigham Young University as a Mormon, his family follows their way of life closely. Extremely passionate about basketball he began playing on his college team as early as 1975 – reaching NCAA level and participating in one Elite Eight matchup!

He tends to be highly private and does not share much about his life with the media, including whether or not he’s currently involved with anyone.

Net Worth

Steve Craig is an esteemed American Production Designer and former basketball player who currently makes a healthy living as a motivational speaker. Born March 13, 1951 and currently 72 years old.

From 1974 to 1978, he played NFL tight end for the Minnesota Vikings and helped win Super Bowl IX and XI as part of an extraordinary tight end tandem with Hall-of-Famer Fran Tarkenton as quarterback.

He is widely known for marrying Marie Osmond of Paper Roses fame in 1982 and giving birth to their son Stephen together. They divorced three years later but reconciled on May 4, 2011. Together the couple boasts an estimated combined net worth of $20 Million, living a luxurious lifestyle along with their children.

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