Steve Dennison

Steve Dennison, Better Known As Steve, Passed Away on June 14, 2021

Stephen cherishes spending time with his cousins, nieces, and nephews; often playing jokes on them and being present in their lives. For this reason he spent years coaching, running leagues, and helping with youth programs at his church so he could spend quality time with them.

Steve had recently been recommitted without ever being given a hearing to demonstrate his sanity.

Early Life and Education

Steven Jacob Dennison, fondly referred to by those as Steve, died peacefully on June 14, 2021. A dedicated husband, father and Papa who cared deeply about his family–teasing them gently while always being present–was remembered fondly by everyone around him, particularly nephews and nieces whom he showed his affection by playing games with and volunteering in youth programs for.

He spent 34 years in psychiatric institutions, beginning his stay at Naponach for five years and later moving to Dannemora State Hospital – known as New York’s Siberia by him – without ever being afforded legal representation, trial rights or the chance to demonstrate that he was mentally sound.

He was not permitted to work or accumulate savings. Furthermore, dating or marriage were strictly forbidden as was giving up his right to vote.

Professional Career

He specializes in strategy development and marketing for corporate social responsibility programs, employee involvement initiatives and workplace giving initiatives. Additionally, he offers complementary services to national nonprofit service and fund-raising organizations.

Dennison was selected in the 34th round of the 2010 MLB draft by Florida Marlins; however, he decided to return to school and complete his degree instead. After playing two seasons of Gulf Coast League before suffering a back injury and retiring due to competition restrictions; Dennison ranks third all time for strikeouts at GCL teams.

Chris is an integral member of our Workplace Safety and Catastrophe Management Practice Group, representing clients in a broad array of federal and state regulatory enforcement and compliance matters. He stays up-to-date on new legal developments and industry trends while being active in charitable and community work as Board Member of America’s Charities.

Achievement and Honors

Dennison has not only excelled professionally but is also actively involved with various community organizations and initiatives. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for American Council of Engineering Companies of Illinois as well as being active member in several committees such as Water & Wastewater Subcommittee and Education Committee.

He was actively engaged with youth programs at his church and worked to mentor his six sons. His devotion was evident as he often teased or joked with them but remained present throughout their lives.

Steve has earned numerous honors and awards over the years for his contributions to various projects. Recently, he was recognized by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Illinois as Outstanding Engineer in Construction.

Personal Life

Steve enjoys spending his free time hunting, fishing and camping with his family. Additionally, he can often be found taking his dune buggy out off road through the hills of Ohio and South Dakota.

He shows his affection for his cousins, nieces and nephews by tease them and being present in their lives. Additionally, he deeply adores each of his six sons through coaching leagues or running programs that enable him to spend more time with them.

He began in the trades as a way to pay his own way through college, and eventually established a full service company that offers remodeling and construction for national chain stores, commercial properties and small property owners alike. He has even ventured into coaching roles at Division III Alma College in Michigan and Colorado Christian University.

Net Worth

His dedication and desire to assist others have enabled him to attain great success across his professional and personal endeavors. As a result, he is now widely sought-after business and media personality.

He has appeared on multiple mainstream business news and television programmes to share his expertise and inspire a broader audience to pursue their dreams.

Steven is also known as the host of the podcast “Secrets of Success.” In it, he interviews successful people and uncovers their keys to success while sharing tips and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Steven made headlines with his investment in Cheesegeek – an artisan cheese retailer – demonstrating his ability to recognize innovative businesses with high growth potential.

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