Steve Ding

Steve Ding Runs For Supervisor in District 4

Steve learned early that hard work pays off. From delivering newspapers to bussing tables, Steve paid his own way and valued giving back.

Now, he is running to replace Chuck Winn on the county board of supervisors in District 4. In this race, Steve Colangelo also has political and business experience and will serve as his opponent.

Early Life and Education

Ding was inducted onto Stagg High School’s honor roll before attending San Joaquin Delta College and eventually Chico State. While working night shift at Chico State, he observed business owners complaining they weren’t treated fairly by city council members and therefore organized students into replacing them with small business owners.

He credits this experience as the motivation for running for office: “I felt it was my responsibility to help people,” he stated.

Ding and Colangelo are seeking to replace term-limited Supervisor Chuck Winn in District 4. Ding was chief of staff to former U.S. Rep Richard Pombo before opening Woodbridge Crossing restaurant in Lodi.

Professional Career

Steve Ding, an active local politician and restauranteur from Lodi who runs his own restaurant there, will run against Steve Colangelo as part of their bids to replace former Representative Richard Pombo’s District 26 seat in this electoral area, comprising Lodi and Woodbridge. Pombo encouraged Ding to run for this seat after hearing him discuss his issues.

Ding is also an accomplished professional snooker player and holds one of the highest century break records ever seen in professional snooker. He has won multiple ranking tournaments including Masters and UK Championships before reaching his first Crucible World Championship final but falling to Mark Selby.

Ding holds membership with the Stockton Chamber of Commerce, Greater Lodi Boys & Girls Club and California Restaurant Association. Additionally he serves on the San Joaquin Delta College Foundation board as well as being a trustee at Stockton Community Hospital. Ding has filed personal financial disclosure forms which are available to LegiStorm Pro subscribers.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Ding was previously Chief of Staff to former Representative Richard Pombo and is running for election to the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors to replace terming out Supervisor Chuck Winn in District 4. Steve Colangelo and Steve Ding both hope to secure this District 4.

Ding has been actively engaged with various community projects in her local area, serving on the boards of multiple arts, media, and policy organizations. She has also been an outspoken proponent of more democratic public interest art and media resources.

Ding is also an active member of Woodbridge Crossing’s Board, the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce, Lodi Chamber of Commerce and has served on their respective Boards of Trustees.

Personal Life

Ding’s small business venture, Ding Associates, also acts as an influential member of his community. He belongs to both the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce and Lodi Chamber of Commerce as well as California Restaurant Association; additionally he sits on the board of directors at Stockton Boys & Girls Club.

Born and raised in Stockton, he quickly learned the value of hard work. Delivering The Record newspaper as a teenager, bussing tables and playing in local billiards halls taught him an early appreciation for giving back to others. These experiences taught him the significance of paying it forward.

Ding is in the running to replace Chuck Winn on the county Board of Supervisors, and unofficial election results show him leading Steve Colangelo for District 4. Both candidates filed personal financial disclosure forms; LegiStorm Pro subscribers can view a summary by clicking here.

Net Worth

Ding is well-known for importing Marvel comic books into China, according to South China Morning Post. He owns property in Los Angeles and recently purchased one of Elon Musk’s properties – creator of Tesla and SpaceX.

He spent 14 years in Washington as Pombo’s chief of staff and member of the Natural Resources Committee, gaining invaluable experience that makes him well suited to run for District 4 of San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors – which includes Lodi. He’s challenging Steve Colangelo for this seat that would replace retiring incumbent Chuck Winn.

Ding has provided personal financial disclosures. LegiStorm Pro subscribers can view a summary of them, along with all public documents related to him.

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