Steve Hildebrand

Steve Hildebrand Creating Equity For Kids in Poverty

Hildebrand believes that supporting equity for children living in poverty is more than a personal cause; it forms the basis of a brighter future in Sioux Falls.

Steve Hildebrand was one of Barack Obama’s most senior campaign advisers, yet now appears to be questioning its administration publicly. He’s certainly not alone – his frustrations mirror those shared by many liberals.

Early Life and Education

Steve Hildebrand is an influential member of Phoenix theatre community and serves as resident musical director at Theater Works. Additionally, he serves as worship leader at Central Church leading their contemporary service. Recently he directed “Follies.”

Hildebrand came from poverty himself in Mitchell and believes all children deserve an equal shot at life. After witnessing poverty rates rise at Sioux Falls schools, he became alarmed and decided to act.

Hildebrand’s views have caused some Obama aides to dislike her and she has criticised the administration for not being bold enough, however this has not caused any significant fractures within their team or made any public statements that weren’t shared privately with senior White House staffers.

Professional Career

Hildebrand began selling cars following his graduation from SDSU before being recruited by Sen. Tom Daschle to manage his successful 1986 Senate campaign against incumbent Republican Jim Abdnor – this success propelled his rise as one of America’s premier Democratic strategists.

Hildebrand served as deputy national campaign manager during Barack Obama’s historic presidential run in 2008. His focus on boots-on-the-ground organizational strategy became his calling card and played a pivotal role in building the grassroots movement that propelled President Obama’s success.

Hildebrand decided to take a break from politics, settling in Sioux Falls with his longtime partner and two Hungarian pointers. Now his efforts focus on closing the divide between children who have and children who lack in an otherwise prosperous Upper Midwest city that refuses to discuss poverty issues.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Hildebrand wanted to leave politics and open a downtown cafe, selling burgers while enjoying life with Mike, his partner of 22 years, and their two dogs. Following an extended career as an influential Democratic political strategist – including helping Barack Obama reach the White House through deputy campaign management in 2008 – selling burgers was what Steve Hildebrand had always dreamed of doing as retirement plan.

Hildebrand won this year a Technical Grammy award, given to those who have made significant contributions to the recording industry. Auto-Tune revolutionized music business by correcting off-key vocal performances – used by artists like Cher and Kanye West among many others. He also invented warbling effect.

Personal Life

Hildebrand left Obama’s campaign and moved back to Sioux Falls where he lives with his partner and two Hungarian pointers. In 2010, Hildebrand opened up his own political consulting firm before helping lead businessman Mike Huether’s successful mayoral run as another SDSU graduate.

Huether and Hildebrand eventually parted ways over an event center dispute pitting Huether against Hildebrand’s organization, the Democratic Party. Hildebrand is well known as an expert political commentator and speaker.

Three years ago, Hildebrand founded Promising Futures as a grassroots initiative to increase equity for children living in poverty. His plan seeks to close the gap between schools with wealthy students and schools with poor children who often go neglected by parent-teacher organizations. Promising Futures’ goal is raising money for books, winter coats and field trips through its nonprofit arm.

Net Worth

Hildebrand’s Hilcorp Energy Company is a multibillion-dollar operation which has made substantial investments in Alaskan oil shale deposits as well as Ohioan shale production projects and pipelines, ranking among one of the most prominent private companies in America.

Below we outline some of the key financial details related to Steven B Hildebrand including annual salaries, contracts, earn outs, endorsements and stock ownership. GuruFocus has tracked and analyzed his purchasing transactions over different time frames so you can gain a clearer picture of his market behavior.

His congressional district covers much of New Orleans and his net worth has reached more than $1 Million due to real estate and business holdings.

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