Steve Holbrook

Who is Steve Holbrook?

Steve Holbrook is a family man, successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker who is well-known for his tutorial videos that have amassed over 110,000 followers on his holbrooksworld TikTok account.

Stephen Holbrook was an enthusiastic participant in Utah’s antiwar movement and led many protest marches, sit-down strikes and War Moratorium rallies – as well as founding its first community radio station – he established WUO Radio Station in 1974.

Early Life and Education

Holbrook has established an influential online community through his blog. His main goal is to assist his readers with developing their identity and changing habits to lead happier, more fulfilled lives. Furthermore, he instructs his readers on how to build their lives around what makes them happy and what strengths they possess.

He was twice diagnosed with brain tumor and continued his teaching and work even while receiving treatment, regularly visiting hospitals to encourage those receiving it to remain positive and have faith in the healing process.

With Andy Frisella and Ed Mylett as co-founding members of Arete Syndicate, he is creating an international movement that unites like-minded people to become one force for change in society.

Professional Career

Holbrook has an extensive business background, but his true passion lies in helping others. His unique way of engaging with people makes them smile; he even visits hospitals to counsel those suffering from similar medical issues and encourage them to remain positive throughout treatment.

Holbrook played an essential role in the Civil Rights Movement, participating in numerous demonstrations and rallies as an organizer and rallyist, antiwar marches (his first protest march in Salt Lake City drew over 1000 participants) and antiwar marches across Utah; its attendance served as a major turning point in Utah’s antiwar community; shortly thereafter he helped establish its first community radio station).

Achievement and Honors

Holbrook has been an enthusiastic proponent for Brain Tumour Research, tirelessly raising funds to find a cure. To support his fundraising efforts for this charity, in November 2016 he completed a half marathon as a fundraiser.

He has earned himself a strong reputation as one of the finest Clairvoyant Mediums in the UK, passing along messages from “beyond the grave” for those grieving loved ones who have passed away. Currently performing at Benn Hall in Rugby.

Holbrook enjoys playing football as a form of relaxation in his free time; he used to represent Hull City and Darlington before retiring to work at a car hire company in the 1970s. Holbrook also won numerous awards for both science and charity work; Oceanography Society honored him as a Munk Medalist in 2013 while his groundbreaking use of low frequency seismic reflection profiling to image the water column earned him the encomium Father of Seismic Oceanography.

Personal Life

Steve Holbrook is an extremely successful man who is blessed with much to be grateful for in life. He boasts an expansive insurance empire, beautiful children and has overcome numerous obstacles along his journey – always staying resilient against setbacks with an optimistic and resilient approach to each setback. Adversity should never be seen as something to give up on.

He maintains a blog and YouTube channel to address various challenges people are experiencing in today’s society, as well as conduct corporate training sessions on mindset and mental toughness leadership.

He is survived by his wife Dianna and children Stephen Anthony Holbrook Jr of Boardman and Jacob Hays Holbrook of Niles; granddaughters Madison Emilee Holbrook and Zacharee Jacob Holbrook; brother- and sister-in-law as well as many aunts, uncles and cousins; both his father and mother have predeceased him.

Net Worth

Stories that focus on people overcoming hardship quickly gain popularity on social media, providing people at their lowest points with encouragement to press forward with life and move forward in life. Such narratives offer hope when things seem hopeless or depressing and provide motivation to move forward in life.

Steve Holbrook is an inspiring example. A police officer and father-of-two himself, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 28 but went on to raise money and work with charities related to brain tumor research despite this illness – including writing his journey in an award-winning book! Steve will perform at Coventry on Sunday 27 September at Royal Court Hotel Keresley (tickets available here).

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