Steve Locksmith

The Life of Steve Locksmith

We provide domestic, commercial and 24 hour emergency locksmith services. If you find yourself locked out, need new locks installed or need upgrades for UPVC door/window locks/handles then give us a call – we have everything covered.

Due to previous work or the condition of doors and windows, unexpected damage can sometimes arise during our restoration services; unfortunately this type of work is not covered by our guarantee.

Early Life and Education

Steve Locksmith used to be quite an engaging performer when he was younger, engaging his customers and making them laugh with his comical antics. Although initially it took longer to open locks than expected, over time his skills improved greatly and people would frequently tip him for his efforts.

He attended Rancho Santa Gertrudes Elementary and East Junior High Schools in Downey before taking part in the trades program and learning about various lock products and services.

Steve currently works as the Institutional Locksmith for Harvard Medical School, responsible for installing multiple master key systems and cross-keying between departments/tenants to gain access to multipurpose equipment rooms, while reporting hierarchically. Over the years he has supported Yankee Security Convention as an attendee, student, exhibitor and past president.

Professional Career

Steve is a professional locksmith who relishes the challenge of his work. For over 26 years he has provided high-quality locksmithing service, believing his skillset and experience set him apart from other locksmiths.

His customers trust that he will complete their work promptly and don’t worry that he may rush or cut corners to complete it quickly; additionally he does not overcharge his clients.

Cothron’s Security Professionals of Austin offers locksmith, alarm and safe services with 78 employees under his direction. He proudly participates in the Yankee Security Convention as an attendee, exhibitor, board member and past president – also serving on its advisory board and North Bennet Street School Advisory Board Advisory Boards as an active member.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Locksmith earned numerous literary accolades during his lifetime. His contributions to historic preservation were also recognized by various organizations. Additionally, he founded and served as co-president of International Thriller Writers (ITW).

He is also an active supporter of the Mark Twain House and Museum as well as various charities.

His animated feature film Ron’s Gone Wrong won the best long form award at the British Animation Awards 2022. Starring Andrew Morris as an antagonistic CEO at Bubble, an industrial company producing companion robots voiced by Rob Delaney; Ron’s Gone Wrong tells the tale of an out of control B-Bot named Ron who goes on a destructive rampage and chronicles man’s efforts to stop him.

Personal Life

Steve attended high school during an intense time of political instability. His classmates remember him as being considerate and non-confrontational – always wearing short hair and playing for their football team defensive back.

After graduating, he joined the Peace Corps and traveled to Niger in West Africa where he participated in projects related to reforestation, water supply and language training. He quickly earned the respect of both fellow Peace Corps volunteers and locals in Niger.

Once back from Peace Corps service, he relocated to Alton Woods with Wendy, their soulmate of nearly 35 years. They traveled the globe together, engaging in adventures together – their obituary describes them as an indelibly loving couple who left an impactful mark on those they touched.

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