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Steve Mago – A Closer Look at Steve Mago

Steve Mago is a prominent Filipino businessman whose personal details remain hidden from public view. He became well-known upon marrying TV presenter Pia Guanio in 2011.

On Thursday afternoon, Mush was relaxing on his front porch when an Animal Control officer wearing a body camera approached and arrested him.

Early Life and Education

Mago has managed to remain relatively private despite his wealth, keeping details about his birthplace, siblings or level of education under wraps from media attention. Mago gained widespread fame after marrying prominent news anchor Pia Guanio in 2011.

Mago took up cycling in 2014 as an attempt to shed unwanted weight and get fitter; little did he realize it would go on to save his life.

Dr. Daniel Von Hoff of TGen assisted this individual with pancreatic cancer and enabled surgery and successful eradication through treatment with Paricalcitol along with other drugs he took, including ongoing treatments such as immunotherapy.

Professional Career

He began his career with UBS’ Leveraged Finance and Financial Sponsors group as Director with a primary focus on Financial Institutions. Later, in 2021, he joined Reverence Capital where he serves as Investor Relations Officer overseeing investment origination and co-investor partnerships within the aviation asset class.

Mago is the CEO of Delta Neo Solutions, and his success in this industry has significantly augmented his wealth. Additionally, he owns SMJ Pawnshop which serves as another source of wealth.

Rumors swirling that Pia Guanio and businessman Steve Mago exchanged vows last October 1, but she soon disproved them by clarifying they only had their relationship blessed and were not married yet. Together they share two children – Scarlet Jenine and Soleil Brooklyn.

Achievement and Honors

Mago has not only made his mark on television but has also written for various publications including Black Clock – a national literary journal. Additionally, Mago has received various accolades such as Lannan Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award and American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Literature for his efforts.

Pia Guanio recently gave birth to her second child, Soleil Brooklyn. Pia announced this news via her Instagram account alongside older daughter Scarlet Jenine. Although they decided not to publicly tie the knot, instead opting to have their relationship blessed in an intimate ceremony held last October 1 at her parents’ home with Pastor Paolo Punzalan–son of Helen Vela–officiating the ceremony as Pastor Paolo Punzalan is pastor at both houses.

Personal Life

Mago has maintained his privacy despite his wealth and celebrity status; not disclosing details such as birthplace or date of birth publicly in media reports. Mago first came into public view with his marriage to popular news anchor Pia Guanio in 2011.

Pia Guanio is an Instagram influencer with over 59,000 followers on the platform. Additionally, she serves as segment newscaster on Philippine’s longest running noontime show Eat Bulaga! as well as hosting S-Files talk show program on Sundays. Since October 2011, she is married to businessman Steve Mago.

PEP reported that she and Eric now have one daughter named Scarlet. Even her Showbiz Central co-hosts Raymond Gutierrez, Rufa Mae Quinto and Jennylyn Mercado didn’t know she had tied the knot until recently.

Net Worth

Pia Guanio-Mago is an extremely successful Filipino television show host who has amassed an estimated net worth of around $4 Million in her career. Beginning as a traffic reporter on CALTEX’s RoadWatch and anchoring Showbiz Central programs before later appearing on 24 Oras and S-Files is where her wealth came from.

Mago has invested in multiple startups, such as collector-driven websites that value collectible items and one that verifies diamond authenticity. He’s also invested in real estate and insurance companies.

He established Shoah Foundation to preserve Holocaust video testimony and collaborated with USC to transfer their repository this year. Furthermore, Valencia is being transformed into a biotech hub with Mann Biomedical Park offering diabetes treatments from Minimed and NeuroSystec Corp offering solutions for hearing issues.

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