Steve Mainwaring

Steve Mainwaring, 22, Found Dead on Marys Peak in Benton County, Oregon

An Oregon State University student was found dead on Marys Peak in Benton County after going missing for one week. His stepmother says he had an affinity for hiking.

Due to extreme weather, search efforts have become challenging. Therefore, volunteers are encouraged to bring appropriate weather gear and 4X4 vehicles for assistance in search efforts.

Early Life and Education

Mainwaring, 22, of Klamath Falls was an engineering student at Oregon State University and an Air National Guard member who planned a trip into the wilderness with friends to hunt and hike; his stepmother has noted it was out of character for him not to contact her directly when his trip fell through.

On Dec. 22, his phone signaled a cell tower near Harrisburg and then one near Alsea, prompting police to search both areas as well as Mary’s Peak in search of any sign of him, but with no success.

Mainwaring entered a plea of no contest minutes before his arrest in Los Angeles in relation to 52 men who allege abuse at track camp as counselors over four decades by him as track camp counselor. This plea does not require him to register as sexual offender.

Professional Career

Mainwaring was an engineering student at Oregon State University and served with the Air National Guard at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls. According to his family, it would not have been like him not to stay in contact.

His friends and family describe him as being an independent soul who enjoys exploring Oregon wilderness; friends describe him as being “lone wolf-ish”, though they would always know when he planned an extended trip.

Searches are underway for Mainwaring in Alsea area of Benton County after volunteers searching for him found his 1994 Ford Bronco with Oregon plates 196-LRU and have found no indications of wrongdoing since December 18. He had been studying at Oregon State University in Corvallis.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Mainwaring is both an esteemed engineer and advertising executive, having won multiple awards at major international advertising festivals like Cannes, The One Show and Clios. Furthermore, he was honored by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences with their Recognition of Merit award.

Oregon State University student Steven Mainwaring had been missing since December 18, when his family last heard from him in Klamath Falls. They were stunned when news reached them of his discovery dead on Mary’s Peak near Philomath. 22-year-old Mainwaring’s body was discovered nearby Mary’s Peak near Philomath and it remains undetermined how he came to be there.

RINER is honored to boast such an impressive team of engineers, and we were happy to celebrate their accomplishments at an evening gala held last night! Thanks for making it such an enjoyable evening, Steve. Your dedication and hard work serve as an example to us all!

Personal Life

Mainwaring was an adventurous student at Oregon State University studying Mechanical Engineering; additionally he was part of Engineers Without Borders.

Family members report not hearing from him since December 18; he told them he would go fishing or camping in the mountains but never returned, nor have they seen his car either.

His disappearance was initially an enigma. To keep people informed about whereabouts, his family and friends created a Facebook page to provide updates; search parties were organized; mobile towers pinged him phone; volunteer searched wooded areas near Alsea village but could not locate him; later it was confirmed he had passed.

Net Worth

Dad’s Army actor who played vicar Willy Westley left much of his fortune to local churches when he died six days shy of turning 91 in 2022, leaving an estate estimated at over PS893,000.

Mainwaring was charged with burglarizing vacant homes in West Suffolk while their owners were away on holiday, using DNA found from his tools at one of his burglaries as evidence. He allegedly also stole cars and motor bikes before making off with shotguns and ammunition from police stations in Suffolk County.

As of September 2008, Mainwaring’s net worth was estimated to be approximately $239 Thousand dollars. He made two transactions of Pathfinder stock over 18 years and owns 935 units. In addition, he also holds shares in IG Group plc and Tullett Prebon Plc.

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