Steve McCool

Steve McCool

Steve McCool is an experienced trial lawyer representing companies, officers, directors, and executives in criminal, civil, and administrative proceedings. His practice encompasses cases concerning Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations; ITAR controls on export controls; Clean Water Act violations; bank fraud cases; securities fraud claims; mortgage contract fraud claims and government contracting fraud claims.

He has also published numerous articles in the field of wilderness research.

Early Life and Education

McCool was challenged by Al Cantello to beat all of his divisional runners during summer training cross-country. Not only was this task completed with ease but he even exceeded them in many respects!

McCool was a top graduate from Test Pilot School after flying the twin-engine EA-6B Prowler aircraft, used by the Navy for carrier-based electronic warfare operations, on two tours of duty.

His legal career spans multiple high-profile criminal and civil jury and bench trials. He has been honored as both Washington, DC’s “Best Lawyer” and one of the nation’s premier white-collar criminal defense lawyers. Additionally, he serves as an adjunct professor at American University Law School and lives with Lani and their three sons Sean Christopher Cameron.

Professional Career

Steven McCool provides representation to individuals and corporations charged with criminal acts including fraud, money laundering, securities violations, government contracting fraud, bank fraud, real estate mortgage fraud or any other financial crime. His expertise has included grand jury investigations, Inspector General inquiries, congressional inquiries and SEC enforcement proceedings.

He completed his doctoral dissertation on recreation research in wilderness environments, and has collaborated with the Forest Service in conducting studies on various issues. Furthermore, he has published several articles which have expanded wilderness literature.

John believes all teaching artists, like himself, should seek the most rigorous professional assessments available; that is why he sings with the world-famous Cathedral Choir and Cathedral Schola at Atlanta’s Cathedral of Saint Philip in Georgia.

Achievement and Honors

McCool is the founding partner of a Washington, DC law firm that specializes in litigation and white-collar criminal defense. He represents companies, directors and executives during grand jury investigations, Inspector General investigations, Congressional inquiries, SEC enforcement proceedings and False Claims Act litigation proceedings.

He has conducted extensive wilderness research, such as visitor perceptions of campsite impacts in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and studies to understand how wilderness designation and management practices influence visitation rates. Since 2000 he has also served on the IUCN Tourism and Protected Areas Specialist Group.

In 2009, he received the Benton H. Box Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Montana. Additionally, he won the Charles S. Kerg Senior Student-Athlete Award, given annually to Statesmen athletes who excel both on the field and academically.

Personal Life

There are various theories as to why someone like McCool became such an incredible hero. Was it his biological father-who is widely acknowledged to be intelligent-passing along some of his best genes to his son?

After his time with TPS, McCool joined NAS Patuxent River’s EA-6B Prowler Flight Test Squadron where he managed airframe fatigue life studies as well as several avionics upgrades.

He was an early adopter of PUP, and remains actively involved with it today. Additionally, his contributions to protected area research include wilderness planning and inadequacies of carrying capacity analyses. Michael Bourdon, Gail McCool and Robert Spielvogel Jr are survived by Theresa, his children Michaela McCool-Vogel (Marcella and David McCool), as well as grandsons Michael Bourdon Jr and Robert Spielvogel Jr (Robert Spielvogel Jr).

Net Worth

McCool has successfully conducted over 75 criminal and civil jury trials throughout his career. He has represented individuals, corporate officers and directors in white-collar criminal investigations as well as civil lawsuits relating to foreign corrupt practices, securities fraud, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, government contracting fraud, tax evasion, money laundering and accounting fraud as well as False Claims Act litigation cases.

He co-captained Millersville University cross country team from 1974 to 1975 and placed within the top ten at Division III Nationals six mile race. Additionally, from 1977-1980 he participated in 24 Boston Marathons as well.

Michelle Leigh McCool is a former WWE Diva and current Undertaker wife, earning herself an increase in salary after appearing on an episode of Family Feud in January 2009. Along with other Divas such as Maria Kanellis, Eve Torres and Layla she earned several appearances which saw a substantial bump to their salary accounts.

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