Steve McGuiggan

Who is Steve McGuiggan?

Steve McGuigan is an 11-year veteran network engineer. He holds both a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Minnesota as well as an associate’s degree in information technology from Redwood Falls Community College.

Carl Frampton recently became world champion by training him and his team under his guidance. Known for his effective methods inside and outside of the ring, this expert is well known.

Early Life and Education

Steve McGuiggan is co-founder and Chief Culture Officer for MASH (Sports & Human Development), an athlete and team performance business founded by Thomas Buske in 2012. Working alongside him, Steve has spearheaded creating an environment focused on personal development first and athlete growth second.

Steve received one of the highest honors in youth sports when he was honored as Minnesota Chapter Coach of the Year by Positive Coaching Alliance, an exclusive national brand which recognizes only 150 coaches across all sports each year with this prestigious recognition.

Eric invites Steve McGuiggan onto Entrepreneur Perspectives to talk about youth baseball and running a multi-faceted business. Steve shares his experiences and lessons that any entrepreneur can use as they embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Professional Career

After claiming regional and national amateur titles, McGuigan represented Northern Ireland at the 1978 Commonwealth Games before representing The Republic of Ireland at the 1980 Olympics as a featherweight boxer.

After enjoying an impressive amateur career, Barry McGuigan made the jump into professional wrestling in 1981. His professional debut was impressive – winning seven consecutive fights without dropping one to reach featherweight title limit quickly.

At his first bout against Peter Eubank (elder brother of Chris Eubank) via an unfavorable decision after eight rounds, but would rebound with two victories before losing to Jim McDonnell in 1989. Following retirement, he became a boxing trainer, coaching both David Haye and George Groves; being instrumental to their successes.

Achievement and Honors

McGuigan earned the moniker The Clones Cyclone for winning both European and British featherweight championships as well as being named BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 1985.

McGuigan gained revenge by earning a rematch against Peter Eubanks, Chris Eubanks’ elder brother. McGuigan went on to defeat Eubanks with an eight-round unanimous decision victory and earn another opportunity at revenge.

Eric welcomes Steve McGuigan back onto Entrepreneur Perspectives for an engaging discussion of youth baseball development, social media for kids, multi-faceted business management and their advice for future entrepreneurs. McGuigan competed collegiately at Shippensburg University before transitioning into coaching at Upper Darby High School in Southeastern Pennsylvania where he saw many state qualifiers and medalists under his guidance.

Personal Life

McGuigan works as a commercial property partner at local firm VWV and hosts their MindStrong podcast in his free time. Additionally, he coaches baseball at MASH as well as leading their summer speed program, Team Training program, and youth programs.

He has also served as Groves’ boxing coach. In particular, he assisted him during his comeback fight against Fedor Chudinov and helped the Englishman claim the vacant WBA world super middleweight title.

McGuigan married his childhood sweetheart Sandra and has two sons – Blane and Shane. He founded and is CEO of Cyclone Promotions; with his family living in Kent England. Additionally he has become patron of CLIC Sargent while being an active fundraiser for Irish Cancer Society.

Net Worth

Steve Cruz was an American boxer known for holding the WBA Featherweight Title from June 23 to March 6 1987. Born November 2, 1963 and hailing from Fort Worth Texas, Cruz attended Trimble Technical High School before going professional as one of the greatest featherweight fighters ever with an estimated net worth of $5 Million.

Eric welcomes Steve McGuiggan as guest host on this episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives. Steve is co-founder and Chief Culture Officer of MASH Baseball Club in Minnesota and was recently recognized by Positive Coaching Alliance with their Minnesota Chapter Coach of the Year award, given only to 150 coaches nationally. Steve currently oversees all baseball activities within MASH Baseball Club.

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