Steve Piano

Steve Piano

Steve Piano is an award-winning professional pianist with over 11 recorded works under his belt, from his Rossport album release to his symphonic arrangement of Christmas Around the World; his piano talent will surely delight any audience.

He is also the author of The Source, a multi-instrumental scale/chord dictionary widely utilized by musicians and educational systems alike. Additionally, he currently teaches piano and rock band camp at Hi-note Music in Evansville, Indiana.

Early Life and Education

Steve’s early life had an indelible mark on his music. Growing up playing piano and singing around the house with his mom and older sister taught him improvisation skills which would come in handy later on in life.

He went on to pursue a professional career as a showroom/theater pianist, making appearances throughout the country and being featured on magazine covers for both TV GUIDE in Canada and The Score Magazine (an American music industry publication).

As a composer and arranger of commercials for Wheaties, Hickory Farms, Stanley Steemer and TRW; local and regional commercials as well as numerous artists (Christian contemporary trio Phillips Craig Dean) to operatic mezzo soprano Adriana Zabala). He has written and arranged hundreds of commercials over his career including national spots.

Professional Career

Steve decided to pursue his childhood passion of composing and recording inspirational music, rather than popular show tunes and standards. Although initially skeptical of its market success, On Eagle’s Wings sold over 700,000 copies and has generated heartfelt correspondence from people across America.

He has worked as a Steinway piano technician, tuning and regulating grand pianos used by artists like Vladimir Horowitz, Rudolph Serkin and Glenn Gould. Additionally, he has served as musical director on multiple stage productions.

As an educator, Steve is dedicated to sharing his love of music with students of all ages and backgrounds. His philosophy holds that music should be accessible for everyone – not limited by four walls in concert halls.

Achievement and Honors

Steve has won two Gold Record awards, been listed in Who’s Who International publication and garnered recognition from leading world wide newspapers, magazines and entertainment industry trade journals as well as magazine cover photo’s and numerous television appearances for his remarkable talents. His music has touched listeners worldwide from classical piano through Brazilian jazz influences to holiday recordings – winning him praise everywhere.

Steve is an engaging Grand-Piano/Vocal performer renowned for his warm personable wit and natural acoustic voice, leaving audiences spellbound! His dynamic stage presentations feature all-new award winning multi-media production options. Steve has performed at five star leading Resorts and Hotels nationwide as well as international venues; furthermore he holds certification in piano technology. At University of Washington in Seattle he serves as head piano technician.

Personal Life

Steve is an engaging entertainer with a genuine affinity for people. His interactions with audiences make him a highly popular piano/vocal entertainer on hotel/nightclub/showroom circuits around the globe.

He is an outstanding sight-reader and accompanist, specializing in many styles of music such as pop, jazz, classical, Celtic, inspirational Christmas carols lullabies and patriotic pieces. Additionally he has composed numerous orchestral arrangements as well as charts for vocalists singer-songwriters and instrumentalists.

After years of physical challenges – including three surgeries on his right arm and hand as well as surviving melanoma cancer – Steve credits much of his musical success to his strong faith. Together with Robyn, they reside in Southern California; together they have three sons named Andrew, Peter, and Daniel.

Net Worth

His unique talent as a Concert Grand Piano vocalist/entertainer has taken him all across the United States and internationally! His captivating stage presentations enthrall audiences throughout both. His enchanting stage performances hold audiences captive!

Steve Garey is proud to carry forward Liberace Protege Steve Garey’s great legacy and bring its music and excitement into the 21st century!

Liberace Protege Steve provides exciting full-scale multi-media stage shows, separate and distinct from his solo piano/entertainer performances, that showcase six vibrant costume changes, authentic musical arrangements and rare antique candelabra given directly by Liberace himself in 1982 (one of three) as well as high tech special video effects/imaging technology.

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