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A Conversation With Steve Plantinga

Steve Plantinga is an influential Protestant philosopher renowned for his contributions in philosophical theology and apologetics. At a time when positivism had such an influence, many Christians either joined it willingly or ran from its implications. Plantinga served as an influential figure.

Early Life and Education

As the old saying goes, atheism does not belong in foxholes – yet Christian believers often feel uncomfortable within academic philosophy departments. Steve Plantinga takes issue with this situation and asserts that believing in God should be taken as an essential and warranted belief requiring no proof – just like beliefs such as past existence or other people having minds do.

He has presented various philosophical arguments supporting this claim in books such as Warranted Christian Belief and God and Other Minds, even by those who dispute his theism; even those who oppose his theism regard his arguments on behalf of the rationality of belief in God as important contributions to epistemology.

He oversees MOVE, a mission agency dedicated to multiplying disciples and churches worldwide. Additionally, he enjoys walking, historical novels by G K Chesterton and Shakespeare as well as taking Sunday afternoon naps.

Professional Career

Steve engaged in numerous professional activities throughout his life. He worked as a psychiatric counselor in Pennsylvania, as well as Cortland Memorial Hospital in Ithaca, N.Y. He also competed as an international squash player.

He enjoyed sharing this passion for nature with his family. Frequently taking them out for hiking, backpacking and “boondoggle” trips across Maine was something they all looked forward to doing together.

He enjoyed mountain climbing, river rafting and skiing – activities he often shared with youth through Eagle Scouts adventures. Additionally, he established and ran Protect and Serve Training, his successful company that enabled him to pursue all these passions with equal proficiency. A true renaissance man, he excelled at anything his mind set on achieving.

Achievement and Honors

Steve was a humble individual who did not boast about his accomplishments. Always willing to help those around him and put others before himself, his love for family and friends was eternal.

As an academic, Dr. Fortin was extremely committed to his classroom. At Providence College he taught courses in social work and psychology; his classes reflected his devotion to dialogue and universal human concerns, drawing heavily upon seminar style teaching techniques emulated from Dr. Fortin himself.

Therapist James was highly attentive and skilled. He made sure to visit those assigned to his Unit regularly, often giving local newspapers or offering lunch as a sign of care.

Personal Life

At Calvin College, he holds the inaugural William Harry Jellema Chair in Philosophy. An outspoken theist, much of his academic career has been spent trying to make philosophy compatible with religious belief systems like Theism.

He’s engaged in an on-going dispute with Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett – two key proponents of atheism he considers the “touchdown twins of current academic atheism” – whom he views as engaging in unthinking debate through insults instead of careful philosophical arguments.

She is the daughter of Steve Plantinga and Georgia Plantinga and was born in Munster, Indiana. Currently she resides in Haines Junction with her husband Shane and daughter Sierra – her birthday being on 16 September.

Net Worth

Dr. Michelle Oakley is a multi-species veterinarian from America who stars on National Geographic’s Dr. Oakley: Yukon Vet series. In addition to providing animal health care, Oakley also runs several wildlife conservation efforts and rescue programs for animals in need. Oakley began loving animals as a child when visiting her uncle’s farm; that experience further nurtured her passion.

Sierra and Willow both assist her with her veterinary work. She lives with Shane, an Alaska firefighter, and their daughters in Haines Junction, Alaska.

She enjoys spending her time with her close and supportive family and loves traveling and hiking, in particular. Additionally, she’s an accomplished musician specializing in jazz and classical genres as well as shape-note singing; she belongs to Northsong Chorus for this.

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