Steve Pomerleau

Steve Pomerleau

Steve Pomerleau is an award-winning photographer known for creating high impact images with minimal distraction. He specializes in fashion, lifestyle, wedding and editorial photography and his portfolio includes many types of work such as portraiture.

He is a loving family man and displays strong work ethics through all his projects. Additionally, his big heart is always willing to help out others when needed.

Early Life and Education

Pomerleau started his career as a laborer before progressing into business ownership. Over the course of his life he amassed an extensive real estate portfolio throughout Vermont including shopping centers. Philanthropically speaking he gave millions to various projects; hosting annual Christmas parties for low-income families as well as providing relief after Tropical Storm Irene for mobile home owners and mobile home dealers alike. Finally he founded St Michael’s College’s Sailing Center after making a $1 Million donation.

He was a dedicated father, grandfather, boyfriend, brother and son. His work ethic was legendary: never quitting his day job! In addition, he was an exceptional woodworker – wood was his preferred medium due to its beauty and strength – who also enjoyed four wheeler rides and camping with his partner.

Professional Career

Pomerleau began his professional photography career after years as a woodworker and eventually discovered his love of nature’s architecture and its resilience as the subject of his photographs, making the covers of more than 40 publications with their stunning imagery.

Steve provides public and private companies with assistance for complex mergers and acquisitions. In his corporate practice, Steve regularly prepares and negotiates joint venture, limited partnership, co-ownership and share purchase agreements as well as reorganization/amalgamation agreements.

His securities and mining clients entrust him with public and private financings including initial public offerings (IPOs), prospectus offerings (prospectus/om/exempt offerings), private placements and venture capital/seed financings. He advises clients on real estate transactions including acquisitions, syndications and financings as well as having extensive experience with debt enforcement/liquidation proceedings such as sales by power of sale/foreclosure proceedings/court appointed receivership proceedings.

Achievement and Honors

He became the first NAIA player to lead the nation in batting average and was honored as Thomas College Male Athlete of the Year for 1977. Additionally, he was honored with membership into the NAIA Hall of Fame.

He served on the Board of Directors at Pomerleau Inc for many years, providing essential leadership during its growth phase and helping shape a new vision and strategy.

He currently serves as Director of Player Personnel for Canada men’s national hockey team and was also an NHL and Izvestia Tournament player, while coaching minor hockey and winning numerous awards and accolades throughout his career. Furthermore, he was involved with many charities as he is always willing to help others and is an exceptional friend.

Personal Life

As a family man, Steve Pomerleau has always been there for his friends and loved ones. With a kind heart and willingness to assist anyone in need, Steve enjoys supporting Nascar racing as much as spending free time with his dogs and horse.

He has an immense respect and love of nature, which plays an essential part in his photography. He often incorporates natural elements into his works while striving for excellence in every endeavor he undertakes.

He leaves behind his mother Patricia Pomerleau Ellis of Skowhegan; daughters Lori Pomerleau and Patricia Ouellette from Cornville, ME; three grandsons Mark, Christian, and Asher; brother Rick Pomerleau who lives nearby as well as sister Cindy Worthley who hails from Norridgewock; as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Net Worth

Pomerleau built an array of successful Vermont shopping centers and used his wealth to benefit many people, donating $1 million to St. Michael’s College and aiding mobile home owners after Tropical Storm Irene. He hosted annual Christmas parties for low-income children while providing round-the-clock care for his mother in her final years.

He will be dearly missed by his loved ones: Loreen (his wife of 60 years), Mike and Christine Mac Rae of Plainville and Becky Pomerleau from New Britain as well as Natasha, Alexis and Gavin his grandchildren along with various nieces and nephews.

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