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A Conversation With Dr Stephen Poses, MD, Hospice & Palliative Medicine Specialist

Dr. Stephen Poses is an Hospice & Palliative Medicine Specialist practicing in Carlsbad, CA. He earned his MD at Universidad of New Mexico’s School of Medicine.

Steve took an unconventional path during college by foregoing typical American cuisine and the traditional doctor or lawyer career path in favor of opening restaurants that would give Philadelphia its culinary revival.

Early Life and Education

Steven Canals, co-creator and executive producer of FX series Pose will join HWS for an online conversation about his award-winning show focusing on drag ball culture and its effect on communities of color during the AIDS crisis.

Poses is widely recognized as one of the pioneers of Philadelphia’s first restaurant renaissance in the 1970s. He established Frog, an innovative eatery offering eclectic fare with bold global flavors at a time when Center City lacked any real culinary scene. Subsequently he established The Commissary (a cafeteria-style eatery) as well as other original eateries.

Without being constrained by ethnic biases, he combined dishes from various cuisines to craft his own signature fusion dishes. Travels throughout Europe and South America only broadened his palette further; additionally he published two primers on cooking and entertaining as well as writing two cookbooks.

Professional Career

Steve was immersed in the music industry from an early age, working in concert promotions, hi-fi sales rep sales rep sales representative sales representative sales representation record production as well as musicianship/singer-songwriter roles.

He ditched the traditional doctor-and-lawyer career path in favor of becoming a restauranteur, starting as a busboy and parsley chopper while reading Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking alongside him. Poses later created Frog in Philadelphia during the 1970s – his groundbreaking concept introduced eclectic, casual fare with vibrant global flavors into city life and created what is now Philadelphia’s vibrant culinary scene.

Frog Commissary, his own catering business, serves both Franklin Institute events as well as offsite events across the tri-state area. Recognizing that each relationship is distinct, he approaches every interaction by asking rather than providing answers; doing this allows him to understand client concerns and long-term aspirations better.

Achievement and Honors

As Pose, an award-winning TV series that explores New York City’s ball culture, completes production for its final season in October, it will leave an emptiness in television landscape. Pose has proven how scripted television can serve Black and Latinx LGBTQ communities with equal vigor.

Steve Poses is best known as the owner and operator of Frog Commissary Catering; however, in addition to this role he is also the author of multiple cookbooks and host of the podcast “A Caterer’s Guide to Cooking & Entertaining”.

He is an active member of the Civil Air Patrol, flying medical evacuation missions for former World War II pilots residing in Juneau with his PA-18 Piper Super Cub. Betty lives with him in Waxhaws, North Carolina; together they sit on the board of JAARS which assists missionaries serving all over the globe.

Personal Life

Poses was inspired by Jane Jacobs to open Frog Restaurant, an innovative eatery offering eclectic fare with bold global flavors to Philadelphia in the early 70s. Frog became a mainstay of its dining scene until eventually closing its doors to make way for The Commissary which offered takeout options with more relaxed environments.

Poses is best known as an author of two acclaimed cookbooks: The Frog Commissary Cookbook and At Home by Steve Poses: A Caterer’s Guide to Cooking and Entertaining. Involved with various civic organizations including being on the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau Trustee board; married with three children living in Center City Philadelphia he currently resides.

Net Worth

Steve Burns recently returned from 19 years as host of Blue’s Clues to greet and thank fans, reminding them how their support had contributed to him becoming who he is today – earning a healthy living and building up an impressive net worth in the process.

Courteney Cox, best known for her role as Lauren Miller on Family Ties and estimated net worth of $150 Million, also boasts credits like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1996-2004), Friends (1994-2004), and Cougar Town (2009-2015).

Frederic Poses is currently the director of TE Connectivity Ltd and owns 152,632 shares as of June 21, 2022. While his current net worth remains unclear, it’s been noted that he makes large investments in real estate – currently owning a penthouse in New York City.

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