Steve Postal

Steve Postal

Hutkins has taken a stand for his post office by creating the Save The Post Office website as an information clearinghouse and historical record of USPS news.

Asa Briggs, his lawyer, is reminding the jury of Steve’s innocence by raising reasonable doubt. He insists on him being found not guilty by reason of reasonable doubt.

Early Life and Education

Steve Postal began his career as a rural letter carrier for over 10 years with the Postal Service, serving on numerous local boards and community philanthropic groups during that time.

As a partner at Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville law firm, he specializes in Medicaid policy issues including telehealth, administrative burden and LCDs/NCDs.

He and his wife, Barbie, prioritize quality time with their children – Allene, Alden, Kate and Lillian – by traveling and spending summers at their lake home. He enjoys listening to rock and country music as well as golfing – playing some of the top courses across the United States.

Professional Career

Steve Postal is an industry expert with expertise in publishing, logistics and postal affairs who runs his own consulting firm. With more than 21 years of domestic and international planning, compliance, regulatory experience as a former Director of Distribution & Postal Affairs for Christian Science Publishers.

His books include “Pludded Mileage” and “Postal Lessons.” The latter book details his 1997 suspension without pay after being charged with padding mileage-expense reimbursements at his Maplewood, N.J. post office.

He has appeared on Fox News Channel’s The Specialists and CSPAN’s American Journal, currently living in a small town in the Hudson Valley of New York and writing the blog Save the Post Office; although he doesn’t work for USPS directly he strongly opposes their closure.

Achievement and Honors

Galione believes Steve Spencer may have been targeted because of his union activism and objections to decreased overtime pay, decreased safety standards and other working practices that are now standard in USPS management. Galione believes his suicide note states this fact.

Nookie is currently the Executive Chef at several Boston restaurants, such as Commonwealth in Cambridge and Revival Cafe & Kitchen in Somerville. In addition to his responsibilities at these establishments, Nookie co-hosts Bravo’s hit show Around the World in 80 Plates.

Nookie has won multiple accolades and awards for both his culinary and writing talents. Most notably, he was honored with the Stanton Honeyman Award given annually by U.S. Coast Guard Log for writing the best naval/maritime historical article and postal markings/documentation piece respectively.

Personal Life

Postal workers are dedicated professionals, but their devotion extends beyond their daily jobs to fighting fraud and injustice. Working alongside federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies they conduct investigations of mail theft, identity theft, narcotics cases, lottery scams and more which often span over an extended period. Investigations often span years.

Post has appeared on various cooking shows, such as hosting the Food Network show “Around the World in 80 Plates.” Tragically, its finalist chef Nookie had to undergo emergency heart and lung surgery shortly after winning this competition due to an immense blood clot formation in his heart and lungs.

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Net Worth

While his stand-up career has been a success, acting and producing work have proven more lucrative for him. He landed the role of Michael Scott on The Office and also appears in several feature films such as Despicable Me.

As well as his acting, writing, and hosting duties, he’s also engaged in successful real estate investments – with properties across California and Missouri in his portfolio.

DeJoy, who assumed the post in 2020, has since found himself embroiled in headlines and national scandals since taking up his new post. His efforts to improve what stakeholders and lawmakers see as an inefficient agency were met with resistance; some even accused him of everything from sabotage to conflicts of interest.

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